Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 1

While working on a variety of projects to sell at an upcoming crafts 

show, I observed the chaos of my efforts. Hmmm. Do folks have any idea of what goes on behind the scenes of a fine craft show? 
OK I thought - this is worth documenting! 
Starting right here in my studio. I'll take more pictures of the whole process as I get ready for the Paradise City show in Marlborough MA, March 20-22. 

I just hope it doesn't snow!


Unknown said...

I here ya about the chaos! If only people saw what my sewing room looks like while working on something. It's quite scary!

lizzieb said...

boy do I remember those days...sitting outside for three days, rain or shine,hot or cold...more power to you Wen! But it does take so much time to get ready. All the matting, the hanging, the packaging, the cataloging...ugh...good luck!

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