Sunday, June 25, 2017

#ARTifacts Art Journal Project with Seth Apter

a diary
a journal
a scrapbook
a record keeper
design inspiration keeper
a source
a reminder

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Let Me Tell You About My Workshops- Textured Photographs

Explore Digital Fiber with this tactile and eye catching technique! 
Why print your photos on plain glossy paper when you can experiment with textures, add interest and use them in your fiber work!

Use your own digital images to create painterly photographs thin enough to be sewn or collaged into small compositions. This needs to be a 2day workshop or more to allow for the drying time of the molding paste and digital grounds that make this technique possible. For more information on digital grounds, go to
       Each student will learn this new technique and come away with an art-filled 7x9 Accordion Art Book!
      Wen published this technique in Quilting Arts Nov 2012 and available as a DVD Workshop though Interweave.  HERE

Most any photograph will work with this texturing technique. Think about how oil paintings look with their textured stokes. You can create the texture for a photograph of an old wall, landscape or you may want just a touch of texture to add interest to the background of a portrait. 

Tip- Create small samples to experiment with the technique. Explore different textures. Should it compliment your picture, or stand on it’s own. Enjoy this creative tool in the digital palette!

my favorite molding paste
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Let me tell you about my workshops- Serendipitous Collage!

This is THE workshop to choose which embraces excitement and relaxation all at the same time!
This workshop can be one day or 5 depending on the things you want to learn. 
One day workshop is basically done with fusible and fabric while the 2-5 day workshop expands into papers, mediums, painting and other surprises.
fabric base
We'll create several serendipitous composition that you won't believe could happen!
Plain ordinary tissue paper is a final element that create fascinating textures. We'll play with mediums, a great introduction to mixed media and even create our own!
small postcard created with paper base
Bring all sorts of materials, fabrics, recycled and found items- everything can be used. A great way to use up scraps of fabric and even old photos. 
mount your finish work too!
This workshop is one of my favorites! This workshop premiered at the Surface Design Conference in 2011

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Let me Tell you about my workshops- Holographic Memories

Holographic Memories is one of my signature workshops. 
I’ve been teaching this workshop for since 2010 with fantastic happy results!
Students and friends are amazed by the finished, mounted piece as it creates an almost 3-D image with just 2 printed photographs. 
filming back in 2007 with Quilting Arts
I provide just about everything, including your photo, which you send to me, printed on silk organza and transfer. You create a frame with fabric you bring, mounted on artist bars with just enough space for the second photo to shine through for that special 3-D effect. 
Couple this workshop with Fab Fabric Painting workshop to create special hand painted border fabrics!

            Join me to create a special photo of your loved one, home or special place with this simple yet unique looking digital fiber project!

student's work won a ribbon! Congrats Tracy!
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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Let me tell you about my workshops- Digital Explorations

Digital Explorations is on of my newest workshops. It’s a condensed version of my book in 3 or 5 days! 
We’ll explore printing on paper, fabric and create some pretty unusual surfaces and mediums. We explore way to creating simple collages to use as layers to apps and photoshop for your own individual results. Later we'll print on the collages too! Never print on simple glossy paper again!

and so much more!! Woo-who!

You will need a printer and a way to use it, such as your computer, but then you won’t need to bring a sewing machine unless you want to. This enables you to print at your own speed but you could share with a friend. 
            I’ll introduce you to digital grounds and wet your muse with ideas you can spin off of. How to protect and finish your samples will be covered. Later you can add these to projects or create new works using these techniques on your own.
The focus is on experimentation and, well, exploring the surfaces!
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