Monday, September 25, 2023

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Online Workshop! Fibre Arts Take Two! Coming August 2024!!


Online Workshop!  Fibre Arts Take Two 

August 2024! Sign on your interest now and be alerted when it goes live!

One of the most delightful aspects of digital printing is making your own surfaces to print with. We’ll create backgrounds, photographs for sneaky layering and printing surfaces, touch on simple transfers and collage.  

Expand your vision of a digital print. This approach to digital printing has the capacity to produce unique and original results.

            Participants will learn to create distinctive and customized printing substrates using fabrics, art papers, interfacing, mediums and other created materials. The types of substrates that can be used are nearly limitless!

Participants will combine their photography with unusual substrates viva sneaky layering techniques and other photo blending app’s.

            Participants will be introduced to inkjet printing with digital grounds, ideas for mixing it up and a variety of ideas for presenting your work. Never before have there been so many opportunities to express yourself digitally! 

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