Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Find out how to these create textures in my Media Mix Collage Workshop this Summer at Peters Valley, NJ!
Guess what they are!

A- embedded grass in tissue paper
B- repeated mask resist fabric painting using acrylic paint and text print off
C- brayer painting on masa paper
D- handmade medium with a certain element, gesso & tissue paper.

Journal for Your Heart

glue in small bits of leftover paste papers
re-use old journal pages
paint over anything to muted or cover

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mono-printing over pre-painted surface...

Adding mono-printing to painted cloth can add depth and interest. I hope you enjoy this brief pictorial tutorial.  
painted cotton duck
mono-printing plate of 4 ml painters plastic,  cut to cover area  to be surface designed
place plastic directly on top of area you wish to mono-print over.
The plastic gives a clear view. Apply thick paint. Try spreading with old plastic card.
draw into the paint with a recycled hardened eraser on a old pencil or
 anything else that will give you the result you want. Experiment! 
flip and place on desired area
brayer firmly and peel corner to peek. if needed brayer more.
remove plastic to reveal mono-print
finished and ready for next step

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Souhegan Valley Quilters' Guild, Milford NH

I just finished teaching with the lovely Souhegan Valley Quilters' Guild. There's nothing like a room full of kindred spirits to get the creative flow hopping!
I created a combo workshop of Intentional Serendipity Postcards and Image Transfers especially for their guild.
We were busy but learned a lot!
Busy as Bees!

mastering the large collage
My host Jeannie was delightful.
We combined paper and cloth for great texture.

Annick doing image transfer techniques
applying medium
I love this process so much! We start large and trim to postcard size. This allows more freedom, less planning and hopefully, flow. That is to say, let the muse speak!
a delightful set of large postcards

 Everyone's cards were unique and personal, a great expression.

Great Day Everyone!!
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