Thursday, March 7, 2019

Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer on Painted Collage

Donation for SAQA Spotlight Auction 
photo transfer on a simple collage 
cotton duck is used as a base, apply fusible, collage and transfer a inkjet black and white photograph.  

2019 Benefit Auction

My work for the upcoming 2019 Benefit Auction 

digital processes- printed image on digitally prepared canvas and molding paste. Molding paste was textured to hint at writing while the quilting is the text of the muse. Brads attached the molding paste insert, paint seals the edges and provides an accent. The entire piece is protected with satin varnish.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Painting Thread

A easy way to get colored string or pearl cotton is to simply paint it.

Arrange the white or light colored thread in a shallow dish. I use recycled veggie trays. Perfect!

Drop diluted highly pigmented liquid paint like Golden Fluid acrylics in spots on loosely arranged threads. I also use the very liquid paints like Seta Silk or Dye-na-flow. If you use a lightly colored thread, the color of the unpainted thread will affect the final color.
For example, you can find these on Dharma Trading Company-  
but there are plenty of other sources. 
As well as pearl cotton, I use a spool of extremely strong string I found in an antique store. 

Wind into a ball of the dried thread so it doesn't tangle or wind onto stick.

Allow the string to set as to dry. Once it's been dry for a couple days, it is permanent. I always test to be sure before using in a project.

I love the variegated results at a faction of the cost of commercial brands! Plus you can mix you own custom colors. Satisfying!
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