Friday, June 29, 2012

Straddling Worlds

Parting is such sweet sorrow...
 I'm leaving my mill studio of 9 years and making the final move of studio belongings today.
 It has been a good run. I loved having my own space. I would have regretted never having done this.
 But my word for this year is transition. We are building a new home and I will have a studio in it- smaller, for sure than having 2 large studios, but it mirrors my life. I'm wanting to spend time making art, not to sell, but from my heart. And time to smell the flowers- physical and mental.
 So moving on, growth, awareness of my changing needs keeps me going. Art keeps me going. Family keeps me going. This change/move is a lot of work but my eye is still keened for beauty.
 This old iron wheel cover popped when I removed the things around it. I fastened it to some random nails and wow! I love the way it looks! I will leave for the next occupant. Perhaps they may enjoy it too.
Farewell, my sweet studio, it's been good.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Open Studios June 16 and other Events Recap

SAT 6|9
'Realism & Abstraction' opening artists Susanne White, Roger Goldenberg, Wen Redmond, K. Lee Mock, Chalda Maloof and Tricia Gibbs, June 5-July 18, reception June 9, 5-8 p.m.;
May 30th-July 21st  
Soo Rye Art Gallery, 11 Sagamore Road, Rye,

Fabulous Fibers is at YORK ART ASSOCIATION 2-4 Sunday- awards at 300
Exhibition ends July 1

June 16 
Open Studios and Musical Event June 16- more on

FOR SALE in studio #336 

Antiques- including old tools, cameras, toys and misc.

Collapsible Black ‘Carpet’ Exhibit Desk $40.00

Natural Light Standing Photo Lamp, 65w 120v $45.00

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Minute of Zen

The white dove calls softly, outside my window, come away, come outside & breathe. Breathe in the day, the light, all is well, all is well.
Give yourself a minute

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pinterest- simular to Journaling

For many years I would buy art magazines because I loved to see what was happening in the general art world- trends, colors, exhibits. When I had too many, I decided to create a scrap book of my favorite pictures. At night, when I was sleepy, I would tear out pictures that tugged at my heart. (I love torn edges!) Later, watching TV or something, I would glue stick them into a journal. These became, What I call- "Windows to my Soul" books, because I found I could see a theme in my saved pix i.e. -what colors I was into, shapes, marks even art wear. It helped me see me, if you understand my meaning. 
 While I never copied any piece, they served as inspiration when I became blocked. They helped me explore my surface design and opened me to trying new approaches in presentation. This led me to my interest in collage, both physically and digitally.
I often would add my own drawings, poems, and favorite quotes.
For some years now I have stopped doing this, mainly because I didn't want to accumulate so many magazines. Piniterest has stepped nicely into it's place. I feel like I am creating scrap books again - but online- digitally- with links so I can go to visit more of each pin's source. Sometimes I feel like Alice, wandering down this site, leading to another and another site. I find it fascinating! 
I do try to site the source but I understand Pinterest embeds it now anyway, so copyright issues should not be problemanic. Also you can get a permission to pin badge for your website or blog. I think it might be a way to share your art with many more folks. 
It's the ultimate art picture book!
 I hope you've enjoyed seeing some my my pages!
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