Sunday, January 26, 2020

Serendipity Collage

Two postcards from my previous workshop Serendipity Collage. Basically, we created all of the materials with paint & surface design. Apply to a base with gel medium, ending with the top layer of transparent fabric & tissue. The tissue is applied carelessly so it wrinkles.

It becomes almost transparent & adds texture. The base can be fabric or paper, maybe 10 x 15 or 20 x 30 but any size. Then we hit the whole thing with more mediums- some we create ourselves, top it with white gesso using a almost dry brush, apply it almost parallel so it only hits the top of the peaks of the collage. At this point you can go back in with more paint, text, whatever. Then the surprise happens because we cut it up! So if you have a 10 x 16 Base, you can cut them up into 5 x 8 pieces. Or the 20 x 30 could be cut into 10 x 15 pieces or 5x 7 and so on. That’s the advantage of having a really large base to begin with.
What is absolutely amazing and the point of the whole activity is the serendipity or flow that you are in when you make the collage and each little piece that you cut off become tiny little compositions.
It’s amazing how it works!! I loved this process!
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