Friday, November 27, 2020

Art Signature Journal- Smell the Mint, Hear the Forest!


I've been making all sorts of journals for years now. One of the easiest and quickest is the simple signature journal. I'll share a few steps, how-to's, here but first here's a picture off the internet where you can find more on this. This journal has 2 more holes on either side of center. But you can choose how many holes you want!

Gather your cover, mine is painted 140 cold press watercolor paper and your pages. I am using a mix of painted drawing paper, torn to size and scrap inkjet prints. The inkjet prints were generated for use with a thermal fax machine so I have lots of extras but you can print them just for pages in your journal. This one is photo of rock lines, edited to pure black and white. I used it for my 'centerfold'.

After tearing and folding pages, gather in the order you like and clip them to prevent them from slipping around.
Make a hole in the center with an awl. You can measure, but for these I generally eyeball.
Thread your needle. I use a crewel size needle. Use strong thread such as pearl cotton, buttonhole thread or waxed linen thread. Insert needle either from inside or outside. The last step will leave the threads where you start.
Enter the threaded needle from outside the book, slide it down to bottom and make another awl hole about 1" from bottom and go from inside to outside with the threaded needle. 
Then make another another awl hole toward top and enter again from the outside. The thread will leave a long 'stitch' along the spine.

Bring the needle back through the first hole.
And on the outside place the 2nd thread on either side of the long 'stitch' on the outside binding edge.

Tie a square knot and trim threads to the length you desire. 

You can also tie charms to these! Done!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Art is...

 Art is so many things it is hard to pin down. 

The elusive nature of it speaks to the fact that, part of it, is exposing the tender side of the artist's soul. The viewer responds and this creates a dialogue. 

That to me is art. A connection. A communication. 

It can be fine art, fiber art, pottery even jewelry. There is no firm definition so let’s just draw the circle larger.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020


 A silent stirring. Was it the wind or a bird outside my window? The morning talking, waking me from slumber, pressing me to begin, begin! This day, this gorgeous day, another new & precious day to write upon! What treasure will I find? What secret longing to fulfill? Oh yes, I have the down days, the gray days, the days I question. But as I grow older, ripe with experiences, my time more precious, the less I want drama, the less sucking me down into black holes, I come forward from those times with a renewed vigor for the simple, unadorned pleasures. 

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