Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Mono-printing is a simple, easy to learn and spontaneous technique. I include it as part of my Fabric Transformations Workshop Series.
 You can start with white paper or fabric but it's also a great technique to use with already painted or dyed fabrics. You can add details or fix dull or boring fabric too!
This technique is achieved with thicker paints. You can also use fluid paints by adding a thicker medium.
Use one or more colors on your plate. I use a very inexpensive plate. 4mm plastic! Cut to any size!
 Over print with several mono prints. This one started out white.
Use masks to create windows. And have FuN!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fabric Painting- Can't Resist!

There are so many resists! Simple and complex. Even dried acrylic paint will create a unique resist!
This piece uses string as the resist. Sprayed and and free form painting from nozzle bottle. Pair this with sun printing to increase depth.
 Painted fabric with leaf used as a simple resist. Spray painted over previously painted cloth
 Painted fabric with plastic wrap applied, while wet, for a simple mechanical resist.
Any torn or cut paper cover sections of the the dried painted cloth. Paint can be applied with brayer sponge or brush. Move paper repeatedly to create the design. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Painting Fiber- Creating the Mood with the Muse

Painting fabrics is something I can do when I need motivation to get in the mood to work on other projects. I can paint without much thought or even thinking about color combinations. 
I never wash my brush when I'm painting but continue to use it as I add colors. This method of painting lends itself to painting in the moment, creative color mixes and listening to the muse.
Silk Noil, above, is one of my favorite fabrics. I love the texture, the nubs, the feel, even the smell. This fabric has been painted several times, each time I regathered it loosely and allow to dry before adding another layer of paint.
When I finish a painting session, I spray out the paint, collected in the brush, with water, on the cloth. This almost cleans the brush and adds delicate colors to the painted fabric.
 Silk Organza is another favorite. I use it often for layering. Most of the time I paint on damp fabrics to encourage spread. This piece was painted that way first. Then, I added blobs of highly diluted black on the dried fabric and allowed it to spread.
Occasionally I get into resists, which are included in my Fabric Transformations Workshop Series. This is a simple starch resist with 2 layered of paint. Love the texture!
And paper! A fairly recent addition to my work. About 10 years agao I took a workshop with Fran Skiles. It was delightful! She was one of those teachers that really changes your perspective on how you can do things. While I don't do what she does with my own work, I have fun playing with different papers. This is simple drawing paper used as a print off on painted fabric.

I have an Etsy shop where I sell some of my painted fabrics- you can go here to see some!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Painting Cloth- Adding Metallics

 detail from Stalking the Wild Print Workshop- adding the gilded leaf
painting the plastic first and doing print offs- from my Media Mix Workshop
 painting, adding metallic and line drawing- from my Fab Fabric Workshop- part of my Fabric Transformations 
painting interfacing on plastic results in unique textures on reverse. Gold added in a free flow manner from nozzle bottle. 
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