Wednesday, May 29, 2013

and more, Color Block Mono-printing

Try color block mono-printing! Use my favorite mono-printing plate material, 4 ml painters plastic, thick acrylic paint and paper or fine textured cloth.
Try wrinkled cloth
 or ironed cloth
mono-printing over ironed cloth gives an almost exact replica of the plate - but allowing for variation is half the fun
  mono-printing over textured cloth, allows the wrinkles to create a secondary texture
 wrinkled cloth after it is ironed 
 same colors mono-printed onto a different color background- in this case a purple T-shirt 
 spray the plate lightly with water & ghost print on paper too
 use the paper to write with a simple nozzles scribble  
 then use the paper as the plate to mono-print
continue mono-printing with color blocks to create your own original painted fabric!
more this summer at my Media Mix Workshop at Peter's Valley in NJ
Info HERE!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Collage Creation 3

a taste of my Media Mix Collage workshop in August at Peters Valley- info here
I decided to spray the turquoise to cover a larger area, then removed the mask over the bottom focal point.
I added some lights and darks to create more depth. I used bronze around the edges. I spread lines of cheapie tan acrylic paint and spread side to side using an old credit card. The inexpensive paint has more body and doesn't spread, just what I wanted here!
I wanted to add touches of orange, so I choose a bird stamp to repeat image on inkjet image.
 I use acrylic paint, paper towel & plastic to create a 'stamp pad'.
added 3 orange birds, some white 'script' and a gold/green circle with Golden acrylic paint- nice but...
I went even further, adding mono-printing, watercolor paper, hand painted string and stitching. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Collage Creation 2

gathering my dried painted cotton duck to create a base
ripping and reassembling to jive up the marks and create a secondary texture.
added a 'backing' of black organza that had been sprayed lightly with gold Seta Color
adding paper to create a focal point- in this case, an ink jet copy of my work & joss paper

adding a 'square' of black organza
torn a free form piece of paper to add as a mask and sprayed with turquoise Dyna-Flow paint
some back to see what's next!
a taste of Media Mix Collage come in August at Peters Valley- info here

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Collage Creation 1

In my Media Mix class we create several substrates with a variety of different materials and mediums.
I will post a series of 3 posts outlining the basic steps to the Cotton Duck Substrate. This is just one example of a direction you can go in with this particular substrate.

Starting with cotton duck, I tear into strips of any size. These are about 10x22 or so. I use slightly diluted black gesso in a nozzle bottle and free motion write/mark make. This should be unplanned and spontaneous, an concept I like to emphasis.
I spray sections of the gesso to create bleeding or what I call paint movement.
 I add at least 2 more colors after the gesso. Here I've used a diluted mixture of Dyna-Flow and water.

 Sometimes I'll spray this to create more movement and blurring or leave as is for strong edges.
 If you let this dry and then add your second colors, you'll great great layering and edges. Or, as I've done here, is add my second color right away. This encourages blending and a third color creation.
I do several of these in at one time. I like to work on multiple projects at the same time. They tend to 'feed' each other ideas!
I will be teaching this at Peters Vally Crafts School, NJ in August 2013 and have taught it, among other, at the Surface Design Conference 2011.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Journal Theme Madness

 add a similar motif with pencil, paint, pastels, stencils, stamping or printing

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