Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 6 Where do you Store all of THAT!


I have a wonderful huge square room for a studio. NO closets though. I have learned to arrange furniture to create spaces for a kitchen area, desk and a place to store my booth equipment when I'm not doing a show. I arrange the 2 panels of the booth to the right when you walk into the studio. The studio door alines with the L-shaped 'closet' and blocks all my mess from view. This works well when I have open studios and the door is left ajar. The front of the 'closet' allows me to hang a small portfolio and announcements. This is on view immediately as folks enter for Open Studios and is adjacent to my sales desk. So far this arrangement works well.
 The next OPEN STUDIO IS MAY 9th, 10-5!!

Crafts Show or Bust! part 5 There and Back

Finished and back. This is an athletic event.  Check with your Doctor before attempting!
It was a great show though and I like meeting people and  talk about my art! 
I am lucky enough to have a freight elevator in my building  to take all of the exhibit equipment up and down the stairs to the truck. We also have carts, which helps allot. Each time I do a show I learn something. This time, I discovered labeling the legs of the booth helps with a quicker and more efficient set up. This is important for me because my booth is second hand and has right and wrong sides. And we all want to present our best side!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 4 It's a GO!!

My booth and all the trimmings are now stuffed into the truck
for transport to Paradise City Crafts
Show. I purchased a convertible dolly/cart and it has already made a big difference! I can load 3 panels at once and wheel them to where I need them! 

The building where the show is is huge! Last time I carried everyone of the 9 panels and all else to the rear of the building where my exhibit space was- this cart is golden! 
Now to pack some fancy smancy clothes to wear during the show.

Pictures -top to bottom
folding cart
bulging portfolios
inside the truck
pile to go at the studio

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 3 Back to the Backings

One more week and I'm off to Paradise City Craft Show! March 20-22. 
pictured above- Inner Heart.
Left- piles of collage work.

 Scarves are pressed, rolled, and packed, now to finish up some pieces. I have the traditional flat rollable work, but some work is mounted onto stretcher bars. I apply a painted stabilizer back, as shown here, for a professional finish. I usually paint my hand and press onto the backs of pieces, as a sort of logo. Add a printed clear label and done. All of this requires allot of computer time to make the labels and catalog inventory.
 I have alot of collages now as a result of making some for Fiberart for a Cause. I mount these in mats and place in clear bags with labels.  These are displayed in bins. I usually have sample in a frame so customers can see how it could look.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fabric Transformations Workshop Series

This 4 week series covers a variety of low tech surface design methods; Fabric Painting, Sunprints, Resists, Momoprinting, and more. 
Take one or All! Make your stash NEW!!
You'll learn new techniques or be inspired by new ideas. I will offer the workshops at my studio #336, at the Salmon Fall Mills, Front St , Rollinsford, NH (Directions at www.millartists.com)
The workshop run is 4/11- 5/2/09 from 10-4. The first day will start at 9:30 for registration and payment. The cost is $200.00 for the entire series or $55.00 per individual class. There is a small materials fee. 
To register or for information- contact me at wenreddy@yahoo.com. Please indicate "surface design class" in subject box.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 2 The Scarves

As I am preparing to iron 20 plus scarves, create labels, print labels, push holes, thread and pin to the scarves, I felt myself getting heavier. I guess I better do this sooner than later. I start to press and the magic happens. The wrinkled mass of silk flattens and glows. The light touch of simmer shines back at me like, well, bird song? Each scarf is a new delight of color, some vivid and obvious, while others are subtle and beacon a closer look. Now I remember why I do this!! Piling the ironed scarves to roll for transport, I decided to share this task brighten with remembered pleasure.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


One collage leads to another or is it not working on my art since- well, November, due to the art business , I FINALLY got 'forced'  back to the studio to create some collages for Fiberart for a Cause, noted in previous post. I kept going and going, kinda like that cute pink bunny in the battery commercials, clapping my hands and making 3 collages at a the same time.  I have noticed when I get an idea it's a good idea to try it small first and then expand the idea into larger pieces. 
Check my etsy shop for more!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Collage Mania

Virginia Spiegel has organized Fiberart For a Cause which calls artists to donate small collages, proceeds to the American Cancer Society.  

Here are 6 of my 10 donated collages.

Note link on right.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 1

While working on a variety of projects to sell at an upcoming crafts 

show, I observed the chaos of my efforts. Hmmm. Do folks have any idea of what goes on behind the scenes of a fine craft show? 
OK I thought - this is worth documenting! 
Starting right here in my studio. I'll take more pictures of the whole process as I get ready for the Paradise City show in Marlborough MA, March 20-22. 

I just hope it doesn't snow!
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