Monday, March 16, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 4 It's a GO!!

My booth and all the trimmings are now stuffed into the truck
for transport to Paradise City Crafts
Show. I purchased a convertible dolly/cart and it has already made a big difference! I can load 3 panels at once and wheel them to where I need them! 

The building where the show is is huge! Last time I carried everyone of the 9 panels and all else to the rear of the building where my exhibit space was- this cart is golden! 
Now to pack some fancy smancy clothes to wear during the show.

Pictures -top to bottom
folding cart
bulging portfolios
inside the truck
pile to go at the studio

1 comment:

Margaret McCarthy Hunt said...

thanks for reminding me how much i did not like all that hauling at craft shows...the venues are always huge auditoriums...put on your walking shoes!!

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