Friday, November 28, 2008

Painted Photographs

I often paint my printed fabric photographs. In order to do this, you must have ink jet ink that is water resistant and prepared ink jet fabrics. I have an Epson 2400, which has Ultra chrome inks. They are water resistant, fade resistant (200 years) and are archival.  I have placed my printed fabric in a glass of water to test, allowed them to dry and ironed. They were fine. 
I used to use Bubble Jet. I found it time consuming, frustrating to prepare and not water proof. For the work I sell, it has to be the best.
Google 'fabric to print', ink jet fabrics' or something similar, to
 find prepared fabrics that can be printed. You'll find lots of price points and fabrics. Always test before a major project!
Print much like paper. Go for it!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Responses and Connections

Returning from exhibiting at the Paradise City arts show, I wondered how other artists do this for a living. Is it only about the money? Connections?
Basically, I’m happy meeting expenses. The objective of course is to earn some money for your art. But it’s also sharing inspirations and enthusiasms with people who are motivated to stop and view my work. This is a large leap from when I first started to show my work. Nervous and anxious for approval, I worried the work wouldn’t please anyone. As I began to exhibit, I realized my innovative approaches were exciting to people. They asked me how I thought of it, where did I take my photographs, what was I thinking about when I created it. Answering those questions became my story. They were natural and honest answers. I realized showing my work to folks, helped me to understand just what I did put into the work, the stories behind the work, for example; how the fabrics I painted responded to the photographs I used. What I discovered was, telling people about my art was how I ‘sell’ it. It’s not a salesperson’s approach of how to sell, but a visceral response to sharing my work. The motivation to exhibit becomes more than appealing to the current trends or a mere marketing effort. The emphasis is relevant to sharing my work and seeing the connections it makes with people. A window into how and what they see in my work.
The art becomes interactive, a communication.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dreams and Effort plus Perseverance

I have been sending images to a couple of my favorite magazines for awhile. Don't even know exacting how long. One of my absolute favorites is the lovely slightly weightier pages of Surface Design Journal. This is where I go to see how other artists push fiber arts into ART.
This is where I go to feel justified at my efforts to do ART. This is one of the magazines that create the juice of inspiration. And I have just been published in their Exposure section. A Great BIG juicy surprise, a pure delight!
(see picture of collaged article and piece in row on right)
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