Friday, September 26, 2014

Workshop Series- Piecing in the Flow

I've been teaching Piecing in the Flow for over 25 years. It was my first workshop for guilds.
I started out using it teaching a vesting workshop but found it was too busy. It needed a workshop of it's own. This workshop extends and works very well with my Fabric Transformations Workshop. A workshop of easy and fun painting fabric and surface design!

We cover Color Scheming. 
Bend the rules with curved piecing! No templates, rulers allowed!
Gentle Curves
Explore direct cutting and piecing methods that help inspire your own intuitive process. 
Yosemire' Pull, Cut & sew!
Play with various piecing exercises and techniques to transform your scraps into beautiful fabrics that can be used for quilts or wearable art.
Build to create techniques!

Rotary cutter and sewing experience highly suggested.
Ending Piecing in a Seam
Do what you LOVE!
Coming to a Cruise This Winter-

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sprinkled though out this blog are pictures, poems, art, and colors that take me to a world of my own making. Sometimes though, I peek out of my world to see what's there. 
On chance, my son and I found ourselves near to the 9/11 memorial. 
I had to see it.
It was moving, sad and disheartening. This was an attack, just as Pearl Harbor was an attack. But then we fought a country, now we fight a fraction, a group of ululating religious fanatics which are elusive, difficult to find and hidden among the populous.
Just as war changed when the Brit's fought the new Americans- who did not 'charge' but used Native American tactics of hiding behind trees or other unusual methods- at least new for that time. We need a new strategy to combat the terrorists in today's world. The person who can solve that will move us into a new way of dealing with these evil people who use their god as an excuse to kill.

War, as usual, is not the answer. Feelings of outrage, anger, disappointment, and sadness enveloped me,
so many feelings, some conflicting, I had to share it here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

First Light places in Infinity Art Gallery Exhibit

My work, First Light,  Second Place!!!

2nd Place Award:

First Light
35” x 48”
artist Wen Redmond

"Without a high-resolution computer screen I don't think I would have seen just how intricate and nuanced First Light is. The veins of stitching that guide the viewer's gaze around the composition which echo the thin branches of the trees make this both evocative and compositionally exceptional." — Juror: Maggie Witt
 Statement-A Voice requires certain awareness. Listening. When one hears one’s voice for the very first time, a certain light turns on that can never be turned off again. Ignored maybe, but returns, reminds and if needs be, shouts.

 I used several photos to create this collage, including a collage journal page, a photo of the woods behind my house and a windowsill collection of stones, rocks and shells. Further fusing with those photos with images of my painted cloth, to create a digital fiber collage, and enhancing the color of the final photograph. Segments are creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method using dyed pearl cotton.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

SAQA Dream Collection

SAQA's Auction goes 'live' Sept 15!
info on how it works HERE

Black and White Abstraction with a Red Circle
Nothing is ever just black and white.

Page 1A
Driven to Distraction by Kathy York

Illusion by Ester Brabec

Nocturnal Study by Judy Langille

Page 2B
Where Am I Going by Betty Warner

Palm Value Study by Diane Miller

Page 3B
Red Circle by Sherri McCauley

More great pieces featured HERE

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