Saturday, April 23, 2016

fiber art and the frame

I have framed my fiber pieces for about 15 or 20 years. 
I started using mixed media with fiber, digital processes and framed that with artist stretcher bars that I purchased. I like framing my own works using these bars because you have much flexibility with sizes. Commercial canvas are have set sizes and I prefer not to have the canvas under the work for several reasons.
assembling artist bars
In fact, for for series of work, I used semi transparent dyed and painted silk organza. When this was stretched on stretcher bars, the incoming light actually played a part in the display of the piece. The light entered the silk organza and bounced off of the white backing creating an interplay of light and color.
I use interfacing as backing instead of paper because it's durable and able to accept surface process. Sometimes I leave the interfacing white, sometimes its painted, or silkscreened, or use digital images on the back. These would be seen ever so slightly through the transparent silk.

This lead into a process that I've invented called Holographic Imagery. I print a photograph on silk organza,  which is sewn into fabric frames and mounted onto bars. The same photograph is transferred onto the interfacing backing.  When you look through the silk, the image of appears almost 3-D!
Stone- 3 holographic photos in one piece
Lately, for small work, I use wooden panels. I buy them at Dick Blick.
2 panels for encaustic diptych 
I use gel medium to adhere or construct collages. 

Experimenting is good and found wooden panels and old boxes have found my way into mounting my work.
found wooden side of a old box
I prefer not to frame fiber under glass but some of the folks who have purchased my art have done so. Shown is a piece at New bridge on Charles Senior Center in MA. 
Root of the Matter in shadow box frame
What do you use?

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