Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall News and Annual Open Studio Event

Hi everyone! The snow is coming and the leaves are almost down as we look to forward to the new winter’s snow.
            Open Studio Event
The Salmon Falls Mill Building where my studio, #336, is located will have it’s annual Open Studios Event this Nov 19 & 20- 10-5. This year, instead of new work, I will feature a host of items, a quick art sale of seconds and slightly older works- really priced to fit your budgets, tons of my collage baggies that have been so popular and my usual line of vintage and gently used clothing.
            I will also have an Antique and Vintage area, with a special section of antique tools for the men and a swell treadle sewing machine.
            Please join me and lots of other artists for this pre-holiday event sure to bring you into the Holiday Spirit!
            Directions can be found at or GPS- 1 Front St, Rollinsford, NH

Spring 2012 Studio Workshops in Designing Fabric   Dates TBA
This 4-week series covers a variety of surface design methods, more later or ask about it at the Open Studio event. I always post announcements on my blog.
Fab Fabric Painting
Basic Silk-screening
Stalking the Wild Print
The Thermal Fax

Recent Acceptances
Three World Financial Center
200 Vesey Street, 11th Floor, New York, NY
Courtyard Gallery- sponsored by the Textile Study Group of New York 
My work Crumpled will be exhibited.

 SAQA Showcase artists chosen
Jurors Judith Content and Carolyn Ducey have chosen the artists for "SAQA Showcase" to be exhibited at the International Quilt Study Center from July through October 2012.
Deidre Adams

Michael Cummings

Gay Lasher

Jan Myers-Newbury

Wen Redmond

Susan Shie

Shaking the Tree of Imagination, juried into “Interpretations 2011” at Visions Art Museum, CA: Contemporary Quilts + Textiles. The jurors selected 40 quilts from over 200 entries for a stunning exhibition. They had a challenging assignment, as the quality and craftsmanship of the entries were very high.

To Be Published
New York critic and curator Sandra Sider founded an artists' monograph series, THE STUDIO QUILT, available via, artists books include Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer, Linda Colsh, Barbara W.Watler, Ludmila Aristova, Jetta Clover, Erika Carter, Virginia Spiegel, Judith Plotner, myself and more!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Creating Thermal Fax Images using Photoshop Options

This post deals with several options to create the Black and White image you will need to create a Thermal Fax Silkscreen. 

Fiber sculpture by Anda Klancic
The best screens for thermal fax need to be created from photos that are pure black and white photos. 
The original image is first simply converted to a Black and White image. Go to Image>Adjustments >Black and White. I duplicated this image to use so I could retain the original Black and White image to return to to use again if I chose.
For the first option, I used Filters. Filter>Sketch>Stamp. This image resulted which could be used for a negative silkscreen. All the black areas would be burned. This is where the paint will be placed.
I prefer a positive image. To create this, go to Image.Adjustments.Invert. This will invert the colors so the subject in this photo is in black. The result is too thick, not detailed enough for what I had in mind.
As with most everything, there are different ways to do things. For above image, I returned to the original Black and White image and went to Image>Adjustments>Brightness/Contrast. A small window with a slider will pop up. I slid the brightness first to lighten the image, than the contrast to darken the subject. I needed to up contrast several times to get a high contrast or dark subject. I decided this image was too delicate.
For this final image, I again returned to the original Black and White Image. This time I went to Image>Adjustments>Curves. A pop up window will show a scale. I slid the small triangle to the right, while watching my image. When I saw the desired darken image, I went to Adjustments> Brightness/Contrast and upped the contrast to create a dark high contrast image. This highlites all the veins in the leaf that I found so attractive. Perfect! This result has the detail I want and is dark enough to create a great Thermal Fax SilkScreen!
Copy and paste image onto a letter size file with a 1/2" border. Repeat until you have 4 images on a letter size file.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fabric of Legacies Art Quilt Exhibition

2 of my works are on view at 29th Annual Fabric of Legacies Art Quilt Exhibition
at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO
Trees Seen, Forests Remembered 
  Digital Fiber Collage. Images of favorite trees printed with archival inks on various substrates. Mounted onto canvas and collage fused with painted, silk-screened cotton and stabilizer. Stitched   24x33w 
Lichen on Stone Yellow
 Digital Fiber Art Manipulated original digital photograph by artist, divided into 5 different images, printed with an Epson 2400 onto especially treated polyester. Stitched.  15x44w 

Stone as Drawing Line

Image changed to black and white high contrast
Printed on silk organza used as overlay

I Dreamt I Knew a Man Who was a Tree. He Told Me about all the Wonderful Lights He could See.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bayberry Quilters Hit Holographic Imagery with Gusto!

     I was invited to teach my workshop Holographic Imagery with a delightful group of women on Cape Cod recently. Not only was the area just gorgeous- we had a very successful workshop with 99% finishing their personal Holographs.
Mary Ann

We each started with a 5x7 image printed on silk organza and a reverse on inkjet transfer paper. Everyone chose their border fabrics and Ta- Da!!
yours truly with finished samples
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