Monday, December 21, 2015

2015 Wrap UP

Artist of the Month at Exeter Fine Crafts, Exeter NH
Panelist on the SAQA MA/RI regional meeting Natick MA
Beyond the Edge Solo at the Emporium Galley, S Berwick ME
Featured Speaker at the Sharon Art Center, NH


Quilting Arts Magazine
Quirky Quilts to Modren Art Quilts Book
Inspirations-Art Quilts Sandra Sider

Quilt National Athens, Ohio
Art as Quilt Transitions Fuller Craft Museum, MA
Visions Art Museum, CA
Invited exhibitor Emergence: Craft & Technology, Wayne PA
Quilts=Art=Quilts at Schweinfurth Art Center, NY
Invited exhibit- Digital Alchemy IQF Jane Dunnewold
Fiber Currents/Current Fiber Perrella Gallery, Johnstown, NY
WCA/NH, Force of Nature
Karl Drerup Art Gallery,150 Main St, Plymouth, New Hampshire
Synthesis at the DVAA in Narrowsburg, NY;
Whistler House Museum of Art, MA
Westbeth Center for the Art, NYC, Women’s’ Caucus for the Art Exhibit
Textile Center Member Exhibit, MN 1/8-2/28
Grand Marais Art Colony MN
SAQA Celebrating Silver exhibit travels various venues
Invited artist for "THE 100," Fiberart For A Cause's 2015 fundraiser for the American Cancer Society sponsored by Virginia Spiegel 
Gallery Seven, Maynard MA 2/24-4/4
Branching Out: Trees Interpreted, Emporium Gallery, South Berwick ME
League of New Hampshire Craftsmen- Headquarters Exhibit, Concord- Blue
Sharon Arts Center Exhibit, Peterborough, NH 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Happy Holidaze!! Studio SALE

I'm working to get my Studio Sales Blog up to date. Some of these works are older but still in terrific shape. 
Some are new but in-between galleries. Some are experiments. Most have their PalPay buttons but some you need to email me to purchase. adding those buttons soon! 

In Boats Thy Fled
 I hope you'll visit!
Caged Again

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Beyond the Edge Solo Exhibit

Opened September 18 and runs through November 15, 2015. 

 "In this exhibit Redmond explores her chosen medium fabric to see what it can do and to stretch its perception as an art medium. An unusual use of fiber combines painting and digital media."

 more info- here

and a lovely write up here

Monday, September 28, 2015

FIBER FEST at the Sharon Exhibition Gallery

Please join Wen Redmond at the Fiber Fest located at 30 Grove Street, Peterborough, NH
Wen will presenting a slide show, trunk show and talk about her journey with the digital fiber processes at the Sharon Art Center on OCT 3rd 1-2pm. Q&A too!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Artist of the Month at Exeter Fine Crafts

 August 2015 was a hot day to be in a cool gallery!
 I was there Saturday afternoon. It was wonderful to be able to share my love of fiber, photography and collage with the folks who visited.
 Hope you can get to 61 Water St,  Exeter NH to see it. Lots of work and some excellent prices!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Exeter Fine Crafts Artist of the Month

I hope you’re having a most relaxing summer! Just a short post about 2 events I’m proud to share!
I’m featured at Exeter Fine Crafts, Exeter NH as Augusts’ Artist of Month. Come by to see new works and some great discounts on other work! 
Reception on August 15th with more goodies, Q&A and more. Stop by anytime 1-4!!

And 2 of my works are in Living with Craft at the League of NH Craftsmen’s Sunapee Fair August 1-9 in Newberry NH.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Morning Window Reflections

very often, on awakening I have this grateful sense of the possibilities of the brand new day.
I may have a brief meditation, write a short poem or take a picture of a spectacular sunrise.
Here's a couple snippets to cheer you on...
unfurl the new day! sing the song of unwritten melodies!

the lake twinkles outside my morning window, glinting and winking it's serene call. a new day begins laden with promises...

Friday, July 31, 2015

'Full mOOn reflections'

'Full mOOn reflections', circa 2008, is an experiment with transparent fiber. It has several layers, with a circle was cut directly in the main piece.
 I re-used the circle, the mOON, elsewhere in the piece, repeating the design motif. The collage is done with mono-printed transparent silk organza, encouraging interaction between layers.

Each layer influences the whole picture, albeit metaphysically speaking, to see deeply. To go beyond what one sees in front of our faces, to see the innocent child beneath the tired store clerk, to wave a stressed driver to pass, to give each other some slack. The full moon has been blamed for negative reactions among humanity. However, in the matriarchal times, the full moon was a time of inner reflection, to go within and encourage an interaction. A time when the veil between worlds was thin. Thin as silk organza.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

from my craft booth days...

 never thought a black booth would work but it really popped the work!
always crowded my booth 
lighting is so important!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Blast Out!

working on a very special project that combines all of my techniques, in one place, to share with folks in a most wonderful way!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Announcement- Retirement from Teaching! Thanks for the Years!

at Pro Chem, MA 2011
NH Mixed Media artist, Wen Redmond has made the bittersweet decision to retire from teaching workshops- unless inspired by mad impulse! 
Many of her techniques can be found in magazines or DVD's in links on her workshop page on her blog.

at the SDA Conference 2011
So she's not dropping off the map! It's just life has offered other opportunities both in her art and in her family that requires her devotion and energy.
Peters Valley NJ 2013
Here's what happened though-
2010 Northern Lights Quilt Guild
The NE guilds, MA/RI and NH/VT/ME hosted Leni Weiner at the recent SAQA meeting held during the MQX Festival in Manchester, earlier this month. Her talk was about listening to your voice, which I thought I've been doing.
However, listening also means n
ot doing everything like you always have, it means eliminating parts of your art that aren't working for you anymore- etc- go listen to her lecture- Fantastic!
Milford NH Souhegan Valley Quilters' Guild 2011
Anyway, I realized that I don't want or need to teach anymore. I enjoy it but I have another focus both in art and family that helped me decide I can't spend the time on garnering, publicizing, gathering supplies, review, revision, travel, dealing with cancellations and keeping ALL the supplies in my studio for the next time. I will let it go! And never say never- there may be an odd workshop here and there.
sigh, thank you Leni!!

Quilters Connections 2010 
just a few photos from over the years. Many are before the digital revolution! 
Thanks for the Years!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Machine Quilters Exposition

Just Finished teaching
a 1/2 day workshop- Thermal Facts
a full day workshop- Holographic Memories
Where we had a wonderful class with lots of enthusiasm!
 Busy working!
Some of the participants took both classes and had personalized fabric for their frame borders!
 Never has hammering sounds been so sweet!
Adele with her awesome finished work! A Winter Fairy Land!
 Donna created the fabric just for this photograph. Very contemplative!
Diane choose a fabric from my stash for a finished Holographic Image that repeats the lines in her photograph for a harmonized result!
Great job Everyone! It was my pleasure to be your teacher!
MQX is a Rock Star Show. I hope you get to see it!

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Machine- Created for SAQA Silver Anniversary

Digital Fiber

A photograph of a reflection in a store window filled with antique sewing machines of all varieties
Printed on Textured Molding Paste, stitched, and cut into segments. Each segment is hand-tied together.
molding paste drying
inkAid applied
Digital Broadcloth, paint, medium, pearl cotton & thread
on table with backing and getting ready to cut into segments
Created for SAQA Silver Anniversary
A photographic reflection of a storefront window filled with sewing machines. This piece is dedicated to SAQA and the Machine that made modern fiber art possible!
The Machine
While walking on a street in Boston with my son, we passed a storefront window filled with antique sewing machines of all brands. What a delight! I took several photographs because I found it so interesting. The glass of the window captured the machines and the street we were standing on in a hazy reflection.
 The combination of the old sewing machines with the urban scene strike me as juxtaposition, representing the lengths that art quilting has traveled.
I chose to present this image printed on a molding paste substrate. I prepared interfacing as the substrate, spread on the paste & coated with an ink jet preparation. The image was divided accordingly, printed and quilted.
Some of the machines in the photograph are distorted and hazy so I quilted the machines in black at first, but they needed some additional highlighting. I choose a variegated black & silver to continue the theme of SAQA’s Silver Anniversary.
Each section was then reassembled viva hand stitching and tying. This technique resembles how SAQA holds all of the great variety in the art quilt world together.
Who else would appreciate the sewing machine as much! This piece, The Machine, is dedicated to SAQA and the Machine that made modern fiber art possible!
original photograph- can you see my son & me? 

Monday, February 23, 2015

National Fiber Directions

Pleased that two of my works have been selected for National Fiber Directions, in Wichita, KS
Whispers of the Positive

Hand pulled print, collaged, and sewn watercolor paper, cloth, painted with acrylics, layered with digital images, monoprinting.
Inkjet prints, cyanotype, silk organza, cheesecloth, watercolor paper, ink drawings and mediums.

Edge of Winter

Molding Paste, inkAid, photograph, fabric, acrylic, glass bead medium, hand painted fabrics and stitched with pearl cotton.

This work was an experiment, what I love to do best. The photograph was taken on a foggy day so there was little detail. I use my textured photograph technique that was published and still available- here. I used pearl inkaid to bring out the glow one finds on those magical days of fog. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Designed to Inspire so you'll be Inspired to Design! Collagraphs!

Collagraph's are easy to make!
Use a stiff base like cardboard, foam board etc. Glue low relief items to it.
You can even use a hot glue gun to make marks on the base.
the inked plate
Apply thicker fabric paints, screen printing inks or acrylic paint to the base with a brush. A foam brush will shred so I use a inexpensive bristle brush found at a local mart. These are called 'chip' brushes. Note- I always use washable paints.
rolling out ink with a brayer
Sometimes I just brayer the top of the collagraph to catch the design. Experiment with all techniques to find the one you like the best. 
on Painted Fabric from my Fabric Transformations Workshop
collagraph on a T-Shirt
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