Sunday, January 31, 2016

Serendipity Collage or Postcards

mounted section of larger substrate
Serendipitous Collage embraces the unknown and unexpected- magical!
Techniques will include Serendipity Collage Technique & painting techniques and an introduction to some medium enhancements. This workshop encourages the use of recycled materials and supplies you already have to compose a series of fabric collage postcards. Focus will be on spontaneous creativity & freedom of expression. 
Partially based on Wen’s article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Jan/Feb 2011
2-4 days
mounted section sewn on painted cotton duck and stretched on artist bars
larger collage being cut into smaller sizes creates instant serendipitous compositions 
painting the edge for sealing and accent
postcards can also be matted
I loved teaching this workshop and would consider doing it on occasion. contact me if you'd like this fun workshop for your group or guild.

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