Friday, September 1, 2017

brand new 3 or 5 day workshop -Digital Explorations in Fiber

Most of you know that I have a brand new 3 or 5 day workshop that delves into "making your photographs your own! Expand your vision of a digital print! Participants will be introduced to inkjet printing on fiber and mixed media substrates. The types of substrates that can be created are nearly limitless. Explore the possibilities! Based on Wen's book- ‘Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media Masterpieces’. The focus is on experimentation and construction of substrates!"
General knowledge of Photoshop or a similar editing program is advantageous but not necessary.  This is not covered in this workshop and simple images are just fine!
       A a printer is required as it will enable you to print at your own pace. You could share with a couple people. (If sharing printers, bring your photos on USB stick to plug in their computer.)      3-5 days 
More about this workshop HERE
Printer Suggestions 8/25/2017 (subject to change)  HERE

some lovely quotes- 
Digital fibre art is one of Wen's signature techniques. She has been recognized in the textile/fibre world for decades, and this experience and expertise is well reflected here. As with most how-to books, it starts at the beginning with the kinds of tools and equipment needed to give a good result. Wen then takes off from there, showing how to alter images, print them on different fabrics, and then apply stitch for added depth, interest, and highlighting. By incorporating a number of different techniques, the finished work looks more layered and complex, but it is very achievable. An interested beginner should not be put off, as Wen offers many tips. At the same time, experience artists will find enough here to take their work to the next level."  Down Under Textiles, Issue 25

"To say that I'm excited about what I've learned from you would be a huge understatement.  Next week can't come soon enough; getting to see so many of the techniques you discuss in your book is a dream come true." Karen
my book, center stage at the Stitching Post, Sisters OR 
"Your book has been on my wishlist since it was announced.  Glad finally ordered it.  It has really energized me and inspired to to experiment with adding  a new dimension to my work.   Right now I'm just having fun and exploring options.  Love the process!"  Kathie

More workshop selections-
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