Thursday, September 18, 2014


Sprinkled though out this blog are pictures, poems, art, and colors that take me to a world of my own making. Sometimes though, I peek out of my world to see what's there. 
On chance, my son and I found ourselves near to the 9/11 memorial. 
I had to see it.
It was moving, sad and disheartening. This was an attack, just as Pearl Harbor was an attack. But then we fought a country, now we fight a fraction, a group of ululating religious fanatics which are elusive, difficult to find and hidden among the populous.
Just as war changed when the Brit's fought the new Americans- who did not 'charge' but used Native American tactics of hiding behind trees or other unusual methods- at least new for that time. We need a new strategy to combat the terrorists in today's world. The person who can solve that will move us into a new way of dealing with these evil people who use their god as an excuse to kill.

War, as usual, is not the answer. Feelings of outrage, anger, disappointment, and sadness enveloped me,
so many feelings, some conflicting, I had to share it here.

Monday, September 15, 2014

First Light places in Infinity Art Gallery Exhibit

My work, First Light,  Second Place!!!

2nd Place Award:

First Light
35” x 48”
artist Wen Redmond

"Without a high-resolution computer screen I don't think I would have seen just how intricate and nuanced First Light is. The veins of stitching that guide the viewer's gaze around the composition which echo the thin branches of the trees make this both evocative and compositionally exceptional." — Juror: Maggie Witt
 Statement-A Voice requires certain awareness. Listening. When one hears one’s voice for the very first time, a certain light turns on that can never be turned off again. Ignored maybe, but returns, reminds and if needs be, shouts.

 I used several photos to create this collage, including a collage journal page, a photo of the woods behind my house and a windowsill collection of stones, rocks and shells. Further fusing with those photos with images of my painted cloth, to create a digital fiber collage, and enhancing the color of the final photograph. Segments are creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method using dyed pearl cotton.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

SAQA Dream Collection

SAQA's Auction goes 'live' Sept 15!
info on how it works HERE

Black and White Abstraction with a Red Circle
Nothing is ever just black and white.

Page 1A
Driven to Distraction by Kathy York

Illusion by Ester Brabec

Nocturnal Study by Judy Langille

Page 2B
Where Am I Going by Betty Warner

Palm Value Study by Diane Miller

Page 3B
Red Circle by Sherri McCauley

More great pieces featured HERE

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At What Cost

I received a lovely note from a women using my molding paste process I cover in Textured Photographs Workshop. 
DVD is available and link can be found on my side bar.
Her work is just eye-popping, don't you agree!

Hi Wen, I finally heard today and I got into Piecing Together a Changing Planet.  The exhibition opens Dec 15 down in Homestead FL at the Biscayne National Park and then travels the country for about 2 years to different Ntl parks.
I am so thrilled and as you can see I've enclosed the image with a detail.  

I want to thank you so much for the time and effort you spent teaching me the process.  Go right ahead and use it on your blog if you'd like.  I am honored.
Very sincerely
Nancy Billings
SAQA Florida Regional Rep

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer 2014 Happenings and Upcoming Workshops

 Web Exhibits
SAQA 2014 Auction Join in to bid a a variety of 12x12 art quilts-
                  My found objects statement was featured on Crystal Marie Neubauer‘s blog-

          I       Interview on line-

Local  Exhibits
I was honored to be included at 100 Market St, Alternative Gallery and New Hampshire Art Association's Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth, NH 

This summer I will have 2 works in Art Quilts at the Whistler Museum, Lowell, MA.

I have work at most of the League of NH galleries and Sharon Arts Center in the western part of the NH. 

This summer I will have 2 works at Living with Crafts Exhibition, The Leagues famous Sunapee Fair, inside the main building. That fair is a blast. 

And several exhibits at Art 3 Gallery, Manchester NH

Exhibits just finished
What the Fiber, Princeton, NJ  

Expressions of the Natural World Monmouth Museum, NJ
PSAQA ARTQUILTSwhimsy! Page-Walker Arts NC
Featured, March,Artist WCA website
Picture Perfect, NEQM, Lowell MA
A Common Thread, Textile Center MI
Sacred Threads Tour, HerStory

Upcoming Exhibits-
Radical Elements Foundation Arts Center, Silver Springs, MD
Artist as Quiltmaker, OH
Dinner at 8 Houston at the Quilt Festival. TX

September 12 & 13
Serendipity Postcards at eclectic Paperie in Exeter, NH 
A Blog post about this past Spring Workshop-
121 Water Street, Unit 1E (Lower Level)
Exeter, NH 03044
Phone: 603-580-1527

Dec 4-7 2014
Hudson River Valley Art Workshops 
Holographic Memories and More
Complete an innovative 3-D effect, Holographic Image, from your own photograph, painted fabric and Thermal Fax silk screened image. This unique presentation will amaze your friends and is so much fun to create!
Each student will mount and finish a 12x14 piece.
Greenville, NY 12083

Feb 27- March 9 2015
Fiber Art Directions CRUISE to the Caribbean!!
There are 6 workshops to choose from! Feb 2015- Join us!
humming Bali Hai!

July 27-31, 2015
Quilting by the Lake for Session II:
Holographic Memories and More
As seen in Quilting Arts Magazine and Quilting Arts TV Show! Capture your loved ones or favorite subjects with life like imagery. Using your photographs, create holographic effects with my innovative digital fiber technique. We will create a 5x7” picture mounted on 12x14” bars with Thermal Fax screen-printing highlights on your hand painted fabric ‘frame’! Easy and so exciting!
Add nature printing to the mix for create a unique art journal or additional highlights.
Auburn NY


New DIGITAL FIBER Technique!
Textured Photography!
Explore a new avenue for your quilt art using a combination of digital photography and textured backgrounds.

Holographic Memories DIGITAL FIBER Technique DVD
Now available as download and on sale!
Capture your loved ones or favorite subjects in lifelike imagery.

If you’re curious about my process, I have done a blog post about my process of "Amazements of the Tender Reflections" that was accepted in Houston at the Quilt Festival.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Beyond Gender

Throw Back Thursday Quilt
This quilt addresses the need to go beyond the “Holy Father” concept to a new paradigm of a partnership model. We are saved in relationship. We enter the ark, two by two. Both sexes have their gifts and their spiritual assets. “Let us not waste time on petty issues. God is both male and female, mother and father, beyond gender we are all light.” Marianne Williamson
Cotton, plastic, rickrack, hand painted fabric, buttons, reflector, crystals, plastic babies, net, cyanotype and quilted.28”Wx45” 
Early Collage Quilt from 1999

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

League of NH Crafts's exhibit Living with Craft 2014

I have 2 works in the main building, Living with Crafts, at the Sunapee Fair. 
Inspired by quote from Anne Morrow Lindbergh, “ Only with Winter’s Patience can we bring the deep desired, long awaited Spring.” 
Playing with digital processes and dyeing fabrics led to this experiment with materials. It is somewhat translucent and when held to light, an inner collage is made visible. Metaphorically simulating the transitions we can make when we take the time, the patience, to know our interior self’s and respond.
Soar Frost 
Digital Fiber Collage
Created with original photograph printed on digitally prepared canvas and stitched.
            The photograph I used for Soar Frost was taken in that brief span of time when crystalline frost lays on fallen leaves just before the winter. It lasts only until the rising sun warms and then it is gone. This is an untouched photograph of that moment.

Digital Fiber Collage Triptych
I divided the image highlighting the shadows and light. The photograph was just slightly manipulated to create a suggestion of vertical lines, which was repeated in the triptych presentation.
There is a under collage layer of canvas squares, creating more focal texture.
Sections of the substrate were treated with pearl inkAID to add a subtle shimmer to the finished piece.
Stitched drawing lines compliment the work’s organic visual texture.

InkAid, ink-jet treated fabric, pre-collage, varnish & paint.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

the Back!

Working on a Digital Fiber piece for an upcoming show,
 I decided it need more contrast and punch,
 so I painted into it and the paint leaked to the back,
 intriguing! I like this!

more creative ideas here on Nina Marie's blog-
part of a Friday Share

Peaceful Dreams

Throw Back Thursday Quilt

Enchantment and fairy tales delight the dreams of my children in bed, covered by a miniature quilt, as they soar upward in appliquéd flowers of sequined space and quilted stars.
Dreams of PEACE by parents all over the world inspired this piece. Hand appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted. Cottons, sequins, 3-D stuffed face, Xerox transfer, and beaded.   44x52   1988
Best of Show Cocheco Quilt Guild 1989

Amethyst Summer

Throw Back Thursday Quilt
Free piecing, 3-D faced bits, some hand painting, crystals, beads, inserts & quilting.
An early piece from the early 90's or late 80's

Monday, June 30, 2014

Martha Stewart American Made

Cross your fingers- I'm a Martha Stewart American Made Nominee!


My work is unusual- photography on fiber, presented in a variety of ways, lines drawn with stitching, stretching, always stretching. “Wen’s work is innovative and fresh, not in any one niche. Her work overlaps medias, i.e. photography, digital, collage, and surface design. Wen delights in creating dialogue, changing your perspectives and perceptions of fiber.” Bowersock Gallery, Cape Cod MA

LiNk! HeRe!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fiber Art Directions Cruise

Wen Redmond’s
Fiber Art Directions Cruise Workshops
February 27th - March 9th, 2015

Join Wen Redmond, internationally recognized NH Mixed Media artist, for a stimulating workshop. Wen works intuitively, encouraging ‘flow’, finding ones’ own artistic voice and listening to the inner muse in her workshop participants.

1 Piecing in the Flow
Bend the rules with curved piecing! No templates, rulers allowed!
Explore direct cutting and piecing methods that help inspire your own intuitive process. Play with various piecing techniques and transform your scraps into beautiful fabrics that can be used for quilts or wearable art. 
Rotary cutter and sewing experience suggested.

2 Holographic Memories
Create your own holographic image with this inventive digital fiber technique.
Using your imagination and digital photographs, capture your loved ones or favorite subjects with an innovative 3-D effect. Each student will mount and finish an 8 x10 piece. Some pre-workshop image preparation. Similar to Redmond’s article in Quilting Arts Magazine 2007

3 Puzzle Mini Photo Collage Quilt
Combine your own black and white fiber photograph with a simple and easy collage technique. You’ll experience, collage, watercolor media and finishing techniques. We’ll create a small unique segmented foldable quilt.
Some pre-workshop image preparation.


Last Day Wrap-up
On the last “at sea’ day we will all meet and share questions, ideas and advice on works in progress (show and tell) and perhaps share photos from our shore excursions. Wen and I will be happy to give advice on Fiber Art technique and design, inspiration and problem solving.

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