Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Journal pages take me inside

stopping, pause, having some time, I turn toward memories of you.
sometimes it just happens
Looking through some old journals, I pause.

singing in pieces 
falling by my side
I wonder out loud on paper

 I'm selling some unique and funky art journals on Etsy-…/listen-to-the-whispers-of-your-heart…


I'm pleased, surprised and honored to be part of a non-fiber art exhibit with my work Time Spent with Trees, a digital mini-quilt! 
"Congratulations! With 897 entries, you are one of 63 artists selected for Maryland Federation of Art American Landscapes Exhibition by show juror Joann Moser. Joann Moser, Senior Curator Emerita, of Smithsonian American Art Museum was the Museum’s Senior Curator of Graphic Arts from 1986- 2016."

See the rest of the accepted works at-…
Pleased to have been invited to show some of my Digital Fiber pieces in Wisconsin this fall. Pictured- 'The Creative Hand'- printed on molding paste. 1 of 4 works.
Fiber Arts in the Digital Age
Wisconsin Quilt Museum

September 27, 2018 - January 13, 2019
Living in the digital age means living in a time where we are increasingly able to do what was previously considered unimaginable. This era has touched every aspect of life and fiber art has been no exception. To artists designing their work via software to the benefits of digitally printing textiles this exhibit explores various fiber art pieces that only exist due to the age we live in.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Invitations, Exhibits and Acceptances- OH My!

I recently was looking to enter an exhibit when I realized the very sweet truth that most of my work is spoken for!
I have been so fortunate to have my work invited to 3 exhibits!
Corridor Gallery Solo Exhibit World of Threads Festival 2018 Canada   info
Invitation to exhibit 'The Nature of a Stitch' Sheehan Gallery, WA
Invitation to exhibit Wisconsin Museum of Quilts- 'Fiber Arts in the Digital Age'   info
 A Page in a Life detail, Exhibit World of Threads Festival
detail- Continuing the Conversation, Explorations: Journeys in Creativitity
I was juried into 3 invitational exhibits!
Things that Matter, Sandra Poteet curate   info
Explorations: Journeys in Creativity, MA/RI SAQA TBA
IQF, The Best of Dinner at 8, TX   info
detail- Layers of Meaning, Dinner at Eight
And had my work accepted at
Quilt Visions, CA  info
ThreadWorks, Yonkers NY  info
Peters Valley School of Craft, NJ  info
Artist as QuiltMaker, OH  info
Fiber Options, MD  info

And icing on the top, a finalist in 3 categories’ Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers!   info
Stepping Stones, Nature Award for Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers
soon to be made into a fiber piece
I'm not bragging, well, maybe. But as a working fiber artist for over 4 decades  I am so absolutely happy, proud, excited, confirmed, just plain elated! 


If your interested in taking a workshop with me, see my workshop schedule tab at the top of my blog.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Be There Accordion Book SOLD!

Be There
8 page Accordion Book
made from watercolor paper with a series of natural leaf prints
some pages have sewn detail stitches while others are accented with paint or oil stick.

Can be displayed with front or back open 
store closed to 4x5"
Thank you Laura!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sold! Leaping Point 2

Digital Fiber Collage

Created by melding several photographs and printing onto a digital ready molding paste. The digital fiber photograph is mounted onto free sections 
of heavy stabilizer. Segments are creatively stitched and held together with a hand-tied bookbinding method using dyed pearl cotton.
Edges and top are sealed with UV medium and paint.

World of Threads Festival 2018

Got this email yesterday- 
"We’re very happy to let you know 5 works have been ACCEPTED for a solo show in the Corridor Galleries of Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre at the World of Threads Festival 2018! Congratulations!
We’re excited to have your work as part of the festival.‬
A Page in a Life

‪Amazements of Tender Reflections
‪Rocks are Smiling
‪The Content of the Light
‪Three Feathers Remain
"For these we looked for coherent and compelling bodies of work that we liked, went well together, and were different from previous festivals. We’re very limited on the amount of installations we can mount and by what’s possible in specific public spaces.‬"
Happy Dancing! Cha-Cha-Cha!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Treelines sold!

Holographic Digital Fiber Images

Original image digitally printed twice for holographic 3-D effects.
Printed digital border in cotton Satin

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Into the Woods

 a tactile journal of handmade paper book covers
about 10x12
 pages were created using eco-printing
 and retain a embossed surface
 wonderful to touch!
buy on my Etsy shop- HERE

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Etsy Shop Updates

Adding new work, reducing retired works and art books and journals in my Etsy Shop.
 I love making Journals
now sharing
 hope you visit!

Friday, May 4, 2018

New England Workshop June 30

"Digital Fiber Mini Quilt" 
Whistler Museum, Lowell MA... Info HERE

more about this about workshop here

Tuesday, May 1, 2018


"Still of a Life"
painted plastic over painted fabric                           

"Water on Sand"
Image printed on Joss paper

Published in Dutch Magazine!

Published in Dutch Magazine!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Let me tell you about my New Workshop! Digital Collage!

One of the ideas inspirations presented in my book, see side bar at top,  is printing photographs on collage substrates!

New Workshop! Digital Collage!

In this one day workshop, Digital Collage! Create a 12x12 fabric and paper collage to print on! We print the collage in the workshop using our own photographs! Based on Wen's book- ‘Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media Masterpieces’.
Printer must be provided by students. Share!
                        Participants can create a simple altered photograph of their very own to print! Wen includes a demonstration on her new innovative sneaky layering technique so you can easily create unique layered photos!
            You can use Photoshop or an app called Photoshop Mix or any similar blending app. The app should be able to blend or layer 2 or more photos. This should be downloaded before class onto your phone or ipad.
            inkAid will be introduced and used. The collage you create with your own fabrics will be digitally prepared with grounds for a very clear and lasting fabric print. 
            Wen will show you her innovative batting technique- fusing felt to the back which serves as both backing and batting! 
            The digital collage quilt will feature a new edge treatment that uses paint! Her painted edges yield a wonderful new textural accent to the finished piece. You’ll learn how to apply a protective coating, medium enhancements or washes to the top of the quilt that will enhance the colors and protect it too. the students will have the opportunity to try specialty medium enhancements for a unique mixed media mini quilt! And a secret collage after treatment!
            A great way to extend this workshop would be to add a 1 day Fab Fabric Painting workshop first and use some of those newly painted fabrics in the collage creation!
Hope you’ll join us!

Printer Suggestions 8/25/2017 (subject to change) HERE

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sold Works

"My Tree"
Under collage with overprint on paper
Thank you Sandy!
Sold! Thank you Janet!
"Thinking of Warmth"
Molding paste substrate with printed image and stitching. Non-porous and inkAid was used for the digital grounds Mounted on canvas panel.

An unusual substrate featured on "Stopping'- a molding paste surface printed with digital grounds

Thursday, April 19, 2018


image printed on collage of shiny tea bag liners
info on technique can be found in in this CT Video
Or in my book -HERE

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sisters and Fence

Two small works sold in my recent workshop Front Range Contemporary Quilters, CO.
Thank you! 

Sisters- joss paper printed after an application of non-porous inkAid digital grounds. Off-set mount.

Fence- crushed tissue paper collage, printed after application of inkAid and stitched 

Monday, April 9, 2018


Image printed on antique patched linen using digital grounds for image clarity

 mounted with mat frame.

The ideas return. Make the time! inspiration can take you away!

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Image of the front of abandoned boat- printed with an under collage.
Digital Grounds by
Mounted on 8x8 watercolor paper.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Catching the Wind

Sold- thank you Roberta !
 Collage cheesecloth, mediums on Spun bond polyester and printed with the use of inkAid.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Let me Tell You About My Workshops- Textured Fiber Photograph

Printing a photograph on a textured background lends an unusual dimension to your finished images. 
Lightweight molding paste is a thick medium that you spread on a base and add texture to create a painterly aspect to your fiber photographs.  

You may simulate brush strokes or texture it with stamps, sticks, just about anything. Any photograph will work with this amazing technique!
Think about how oil paintings look with their textured stokes.
You may want allot of texture for a photograph of an old wall or landscape or you may want just a touch of texture to add interest to the background of a portrait. 
This medium will need a coat of  Digital Grounds for the best result. I use inkAid.

It is thin enough to be sewn and can be ironed gently using a wool setting. We'll learn how to protect the finish photograph too! 
  Enjoy this creative tool in your digital palette!
Video Intro- HERE
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