Thursday, July 26, 2018

Painting Thread

Can I color my own thread?
what if?

I used some found thread at thrift store about the same weight as pearl cotton #5.

I placed a long piece of thread into a recycled veggie tray and poured in some Dyna-Flow liquid textile paint
It Worked!!

Saturday, July 21, 2018


if we take the time, we might hear it, the inner most dreams of the self, 
the person we are meant to be.

 The morning tide comes to wash away yesterday and leave a new day to begin.

and when the rain comes, I shall find a book and listen to soft words

wandering thru pages

walking faster 
trying to stay ahead of the chaos
upset, she wanders looking for peace that only she can give herself
Thinking out loud again hearing, as if for the first time, her plans gone awry

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Journal pages take me inside

stopping, pause, having some time, I turn toward memories of you.
sometimes it just happens
Looking through some old journals, I pause.

singing in pieces 
falling by my side
I wonder out loud on paper

 I'm selling some unique and funky art journals on Etsy-…/listen-to-the-whispers-of-your-heart…


I'm pleased, surprised and honored to be part of a non-fiber art exhibit with my work Time Spent with Trees, a digital mini-quilt! 
"Congratulations! With 897 entries, you are one of 63 artists selected for Maryland Federation of Art American Landscapes Exhibition by show juror Joann Moser. Joann Moser, Senior Curator Emerita, of Smithsonian American Art Museum was the Museum’s Senior Curator of Graphic Arts from 1986- 2016."

See the rest of the accepted works at-…
Pleased to have been invited to show some of my Digital Fiber pieces in Wisconsin this fall. Pictured- 'The Creative Hand'- printed on molding paste. 1 of 4 works.
Fiber Arts in the Digital Age
Wisconsin Quilt Museum

September 27, 2018 - January 13, 2019
Living in the digital age means living in a time where we are increasingly able to do what was previously considered unimaginable. This era has touched every aspect of life and fiber art has been no exception. To artists designing their work via software to the benefits of digitally printing textiles this exhibit explores various fiber art pieces that only exist due to the age we live in.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Invitations, Exhibits and Acceptances- OH My!

I recently was looking to enter an exhibit when I realized the very sweet truth that most of my work is spoken for!
I have been so fortunate to have my work invited to 3 exhibits!
Corridor Gallery Solo Exhibit World of Threads Festival 2018 Canada   info
Invitation to exhibit 'The Nature of a Stitch' Sheehan Gallery, WA
Invitation to exhibit Wisconsin Museum of Quilts- 'Fiber Arts in the Digital Age'   info
 A Page in a Life detail, Exhibit World of Threads Festival
detail- Continuing the Conversation, Explorations: Journeys in Creativitity
I was juried into 3 invitational exhibits!
Things that Matter, Sandra Poteet curate   info
Explorations: Journeys in Creativity, MA/RI SAQA TBA
IQF, The Best of Dinner at 8, TX   info
detail- Layers of Meaning, Dinner at Eight
And had my work accepted at
Quilt Visions, CA  info
ThreadWorks, Yonkers NY  info
Peters Valley School of Craft, NJ  info
Artist as QuiltMaker, OH  info
Fiber Options, MD  info

And icing on the top, a finalist in 3 categories’ Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers!   info
Stepping Stones, Nature Award for Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers
soon to be made into a fiber piece
I'm not bragging, well, maybe. But as a working fiber artist for over 4 decades  I am so absolutely happy, proud, excited, confirmed, just plain elated! 


If your interested in taking a workshop with me, see my workshop schedule tab at the top of my blog.
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