Friday, October 31, 2008

How Do YOU Work?

I've been asked that allot lately, and now it's the posed question on one of my yahoo groups. I have several different ways of approaching a project, depending on the end result. Meaning, I have several different ways of getting my work finished.
Holographic images are created from inspiring photographs I take. I guess I have become 'known' for these. The finished pieces are hard to photograph as they depend highly on the viewer's movement for the full effect. I published the technique in Quilting Arts summer 07 and they have a DVD on this process also.
Silk Organza is my fabric of choice. I love to dye, paint, silkscreen- you name it. It works best in my transparent works and in my new 'layered' collages. They are a brand spankin' new idea and am very excited about them. Very nontraditional though.
I also layer the organza in applied collages and sewn works. I use their transparent quality to create layers, free and fixed. I continue to explore what I can do with this amazing stuff.
I paint fabric, usually in the summer, for use during the year. I get into a fabric creation mode and just play. Wonderful and fun. This is used for all my works as well as art quilting etc. During the rest of the year, I will yank out the paints to refresh my sense of play, much like sorbet during extended formal meals. ahem. The fabric is used in all of my work, focus, borders, whole pieces, anything! ( I do have a workshop series based on my techniques)
In sum, I get inspired by an idea and then figure out the best way to approach it. What technique will best portray my vision. When I don't have the time, I jot the idea down, with drawings and construction ideas, in my artist's journal. That happens more frequently than I wish. However, I have a wonderful artist journal! ( someone actually wanted to buy it!!!) I highly recommend it's use. Even better than buying one, create your own. Take a book making course- it's really not that hard. It gives it heart.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Email and Removal Requests

I get tons of email a day. I check'um out first, delete what I don't want or don't have time for, then read the rest. My spam folder fills faster than crumbs in a toaster, but I pursue that as well because sometimes good stuff leaks in there. Then DELETE. What mighty power I hold in the tip of a finger. Kinda like when you turn the channel on TV. The power of choice in the moment. So Zen.
Often, when I have a tid bit of news, good video etc to share, I can compose my zesty little note and insert lots of categories in the address bar. With one button press, I can send to lots of people, who then have the choice to delete or read as the spirit moves them. Again Choice. That's democratic.
Sometimes, I get a request to 'remove them from my list'. Not often, but sometimes. I feel bad I've inconvenienced them but remove them and let them know its done. Sorry to take up your time, no hard feelings. That's it. But once in awhile a not so nice note appears too. These people have a problem with my sending to them and let me know. Well, I'm sorry- they have the opportunity to delete before reading and I have the freedom to send. Lets leave it at that.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Buisness Cards- a must

Gotta have'um. Give them to everyone. Like small little magic carpets, they fly away to far off corners of peoples homes. You can get the cutest little ones from They make great hang tags- but then, I just made hangs tags on my computer- personalized for each piece of art I've done and the scarves and other smaller works. Soooo- I just ordered some 'real' business cards from I've done this before. I don't want to order too may 'cause my art changes as fast as I can change my mind. Inspiration strikes and wham-o, I'm off. I do have a product that seems to be the one folks like- so perhaps I'll get the cards with photos of these. That is to say one of these, for unlike moo cards, you must settle on one image. Darn! Hmmm. Done. Files uploaded. You can change files to pdf in you'll need to do this unless you're really handy in Photo shop. Fairly simple and they give you instructions. I LOVE the Internet! Then get yourself a pay pal account. Easy too. You can pay for just about anything this way and you don't need to enter your credit card as often. Now to await their arrival- hopefully in time for the Holiday shows!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

New York City 05

I grew up 15 minutes outside the city, the BIG apple that is. I left to 'return to the garden' and have been there ever since. Recently I've taken day trips back in to see NOHO Gallery and Alex Grey's Chapel of the Sacred Mirrors (wonderful!) I'm kinda sorta related viva marriage (my husband's brother's wife's sister's husband) Would LOVE to find a gallery there, any suggestions??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall Shows

Brookvale Park- Monclair NJ- October 18&19
NH Open Doors- Studio #336 -Salmon Fall Mill November 8&9- Rollinsford, NH
(note will be unable to do Open Studios this year so this is the only time my studio will be open)
Paradise City Fine Craft Shows- Marlborough MA November 21-23
Button Factory Open Studios Portsmouth, NH
December 6&7
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