Friday, November 23, 2018

Layers of Meaning

Layers of Meaning

A solitary boat slides across a bloom of Queen Ann’s Lace viva a hand created digital photo. The boat is the heart of the piece while the shoots of the flower direct the creative energy beyond and outward.
            This is a journey is taken together with like-minded artists, a kinship of art making. This confirmation, this encouragement, has the power of affirmation. Mark making, exploring, taking me beyond my edges, an excursion, causing much consideration to create works that reflect not only a current theme but also my own personal symbolism. Layers of Meaning.

final collage

1st collage- discarded
detail of under collage
Multi-layered collage of molding paste, paint, teabags liners, text, string and found items was created on a substrate. This was quilted.  A layered manipulated image, printed on silk organza, floats above, beckoning closer inspection. Hand and machine stitched. 30x50
adding silk organza overlays
Photography has spoken to me for decades. When I was able to use my photography to create digital fiber works, my work exploded. Presently, I either manipulate images using a variety of digital tools or create unique substrates to print on or over-lay which influences the final image in a physical way.    
Interfacing, batting, molding paste, paint, tissue paper, recycled tea bag liners, text, string, gesso and specialty mediums, and digitally prepared silk organza.  
 Inspiration- art as a journey; symbolized in a layered manipulated image of a lone boat crossing a lake, a Queen Anne’s lace blossom and painted fabrics for color. This is printed on silk organza that floats, like the boat and seeds in the air, to be caught, perchance to land.  30x50 

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Quilt Visions, CA

My work, Drawn to the Edge, on display at Quilt Visions, CA. 

Thank you to Bénédicte Caneill for taking the pictures!

Friday, November 16, 2018


proud to be included in 
THINGS THAT MATTER Nov 8, 2018 - Jan 5, 2019 Vision Gallery, Chandler, AZ
Thirty one fiber artists use their individual talents to let their voices be heard. They remind us that THIS thing, idea, place or part of our world should not be forgotten or undefended when at risk from intolerance, ignorance, indifference or greed. They offer us intuitive responses, sorrows, desires to right things, to protect what may be disappearing. And they offer hope, a tender need to call out to the world to remember precious things in life. 
Being near water has been a source of contemplation and comfort all of my life. I share this joy in my work in a variety of ways. With time, water leaves it’s marks on rock, sand and me. This is what matters. The time it takes to re-connect.This happens when I take myself to the woods, the ocean, in nature. Going outside to go inside. This is the life blood of my art. My source, my well.
            “Making my art allows me to tap into levels of perception, becoming more aware, more conscious, & more grateful. I’ve loved photography my entire life. This brings a tender sensitivity to one’s surroundings. I make the art then the art makes me.”
Techniques One of a kind fiber photographs,
exploring the marks left by water, are printed onto inkjet ready natural cotton canvas, creativity stitched and cut into segments with some freedom of movement. Edges painted & segments tied together with pearl cotton.
Materials- inkjet ready natural

more information- here

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Wisconsin Quilt Museum

an invitation to exhibit Wisconsin Museum of Quilts.
Some of my works at the

Wisconsin quilt Museum. 
Thanks for the photographs Deborah Fell!

The Only Way Out Is In

yay! Another sold work! Thank you buyer!!
The Only Way Out Is In
 Digital Fiber
A deserted apartment, an inviting door. What comes next?

Images are printed onto treated natural textiles and teabag liners, combining painting and digital media into a one of a kind art piece.
Creatively stitched. 12x12

Friday, November 2, 2018

Honorable Mention! Award at the MFA

"time spent with trees" 

received Honorable Mention! Award at the MFA, Annapolis, MD   
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