Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Quilt National 2023!

 Noticing... a paper quilt

Digital Mixed Media

The act of noticing, of paying attention, increases awareness of photographic opportunities. These treasured moments are captured in a media mix of fiber, paper, pine needles, stitching and surface design.

Technique- Original image was inkjet printed by artist on digital ready created kozo papers of embedded pine needles. Pearl digital grounds, by inkAid, create a soft pearlescent glow. Image was photographed while looking out the window of the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art, was edited and divided into 6 13x17 sections for a resulting piece of about 26x54. Image was treated with satin varnish and stitched all over with c shapes to mimic the pine needle shapes. Thread were allowed to drape casually to add texture. Glass bead medium was liberally applied to the foreground to highlight the snowy winter scene. Edges painted with silver paint.

Materials- pine needles, kozo paper, Pearl digital grounds, satin medium, silver paint, and glass bead medium.


so many wonderful artists!

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