Sunday, December 16, 2018

Seasonal Treats!

a special Christmas gift is when a gallery calls me to tell me a work has been sold!   YES!  
Refracted Memories
A photograph of frozen water reached into my memories of long ago nostalgia.
original photo
Manipulated photo
Manipulated original digital photograph, divided into 6 different size images, printed on an Epson 2400 onto unbleached Fuji silk. Stitched with thread. 15x23
silk organza free overlay with cut designs

Friday, December 14, 2018


delighted to share Congratulations! With 387 entries, you are one of 58 artists selected for Focal Point by juror Jay Gould, Maryland Institute College of Art. 
Digital Fiber Collage
A Voice requires certain awareness. Listening. When a individual hears one’s voice for the very first time, a certain light turns on that can never be turned off again. Ignored maybe, but returns, reminds and if needs be, shouts.
Digitally manipulated and fused photograph printed on interfacing and lutradur. Quilted & collaged. Tied with pearl cotton. 17x29 

View accepted work--HERE
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