Monday, November 17, 2014

Workshop Series- Puzzle Mini Photo Collage Quilt

My new Digital Fiber work references the traditional quilt technique of working in squares or segments. I use photographs instead of geometric designs. These are cut and re-sewn together for a somewhat foldable and packable project. 
Work with  black and white images. Color with art materials that can travel in today's world.
Creates a small unique segmented foldable quilt.
New finishing techniques!

Published in Quilting Arts Magazine! (Link in sidebar--)

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Throw Back Thursday Quilt from 1992 
Based on the poem- ‘Rice will not grow in New Hampshire . The Chinese do not know this. They travel with small white flutes.” Auther unknown
Original design based on origami folding. Each crane is pieced with different fabric and flys over a vertically pieced rice fields, embellished with 3-D leaves and freshwater pearl rice. 

Cottons marbleized, hand painted, batiks, silks, antique kimono silks. Metallic Quilting and couching. 21x43

Friday, November 7, 2014

Behind the Shadow, Waiting to Shine

Throw Back Thursday Quilt 
Behind the Shadow was the second art quilt I made in response to 9/11 tragedies. At that time. it was my hope that a new precedent would be set to bring our country into a new thought level beyond revenge. 

Intuitive curved piecing, free appliqué, and decorative machine quilting. Hand painted and dyed cottons.35x56

This piece was exhibited in Quilt 21 –American Arts quilts at the Brush Factory and included in their catalog.
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