Sunday, February 28, 2010

Mono Printing- Fast, Furious and FUN!

Whole cloth; painted, monoprinted, text silk-screened, oil sticks and free drawing lines with stitching. I was in a meditative place when I created this piece. When I view it, it serves as a reminder of that special moment. It allows me to remember this when in the throes of daily life. Rayon 23hx30w Traveling with SAQA 09 Fibrations until 6/10
detail Dreams Awaken
I have been working on an upcoming workshop- I usually review and improve every time I give a workshop. It also jogs one's memory. I REALLY like this process! It's a spontaneous print technique that layers fabrics visually.
A simple tag turns into a printing plate!
painted with basic acrylic paint
mono printed on top of another print
In the workshops we will experiment with several techniques to print fabrics. This method doesn't use a print press and is suitable for every level.

One of the best things about this technique is it's spontaneity, intuitiveness and ease of developing really great pieces. Right up my ally!
It will be hard to cover the sheer variety of methods, but we'll all give it a go.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ink Aid Rocks

InkAID Just featured my work and Timothy C. Burns
I love his quote "I found myself back into art; I still find myself in art."
InkAID is a Digital Ground. 
You prepare your substrate/surface pretty much anyway you like. ( Let me count the ways!) Make sure it is flat enough to fit in your printer. Paint with inkAID and print! Two of the fiber pieces featured are Pause and Edge of NIght. They were both made using light weight molding paste. I painted light molding paste very thinly on a substrate of rayon polyester stabilizer, followed by inkAID with touches of metallic, accenting the brush stoke ridges. I used 2 coats of ink aid in each direction. InkAID comes in clear, and metallic colors. It's fun to experiment with these to create unusual effects. Try painting them on darker material and over print a photograph!

top left

Each piece was finished differently. Edge of NIght was mounted onto artist board. I thought it would be interesting to break the image into four sections on four boards. The piece sold before I retook another photo to show the depth of color.
top right
bottom left
           bottom right
I manipulated each photograph and printed with an Epson 2400 using Ultrachrome inks.

Pause can be seen on my website. It was divided it into 9 sections of 11" x14" in Photoshop. I mounted those on another substrate to compose the final piece. UV Resistant coating was painted on top.
It certainly opens your options to experiment with this product!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Photo Shop Play

One of the things I like to do to relax is play with my photo's in Photo Shop. Here is the original image.
I overlaid the image with a photo of painted fabric. You can see tints of the color coming though.
Then I went to image> invert.
For this image, I copied and pasted in a new file, using sections of above photos. I did change the hue in the center image. Such fun!Try playing with your images. Just do it. If you're afraid of ruining your images, just make a copy first. Then see what those buttons in photo shop DO!
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