Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing with Photoshop

One of my favorite late night activities is playing with Photoshop. I love to messaround with my photographs, some of my work, some images of nature (my favorite subject). These are photographs of an experiment with gelatin printing. I love the texture that can be achieved with this technique. For this piece, I used a hand cut stencil of a ancient Goddess figure. In Photoshop, I used the paint bucket to add color. Just click on the tool and a selection of colors pop up. Then click on the photo and the color drops in. In Adjustments, I changed the hue using the slider. This is always fun, almost like magic. For the last image I flipped the image horizontally, so the Goddess is facing left. To do this just go to image, rotate. There are many wonderful and cool things to do with your images in photoshop. Just be sure to make a copy of your photo before you play so you don't lose it and experiment, press buttons!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Listening to Yourself

                                                           open windows 1997
How many times I hear
the soft whispering of new-
try this, or what if..
'No, no one is doing that!'
I think.
'Thats because you should do it!'
my muse smirks.
Stuffed to the Gills 1989
There have been many times when I started or tried a new technique, only to abandon it. Later, and sometimes years later- it became trendy! For example, back in the 80's I did several pieces that were totally free applique- free edge applique. I was told children love my work. This was not taken seriously. It's taken so many years and even now I find it hard to let go and let myself try unusual approaches- even in this era of free experimentation. So my artistic goal this year, well one, will be to do just that and see where it leads. GO FOR IT!
                                                               purple connections 1988
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