Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Let me tell you about my workshops post- Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer

A Brand Spankin new workshop, Mix Creative Photo Transfer Collage! 
            I love collage. I love how you can use bits and pieces of treasured items, saved scraps, special papers and painted fabrics to create amazing works of collage art. I like composing them and sometimes stitching on them. This workshop takes collage one step further by transferring a black and white image, printed on printed paper, over the top of the entire or part of the collage with “wow-ser” results!

student working on transfer over a collage with vintage linens!
            I’ll show you my collage techniques and this simple transfer technique that will blow your collage out of the water. Excited? You bet!
Fun and relaxing, I hope you’ll join me!

More workshop selections-

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