Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Workshops Coming!

I have a number of workshops coming up but let me tell you about 3 of my workshops!

A Brand Spankin new workshop will make it’s 2nd debut on April 29 at the Whistler Museum in Lowell, MA. Its called Media Mix Creative Photo Transfer Collage! Oh yes- a mouth full but such fun!
            I love collage. I love how you can use bits and pieces of treasured items, saved scraps, special papers and painted fabrics to create amazing works of collage art. I like composing them and sometimes stitching on them. This workshop takes collage one step further by transferring a black and white image, printed on printed paper, over the top of the entire or part of the collage with “wow-ser” results!
            I’ll show you my collage techniques and this simple transfer technique that will blow your collage out of the water. Excited? You bet!
student working on transfer over a collage with vintage linens!
Fun and relaxing, I hope you’ll join me!
Session ll   Quilting by the Lake- more information here

            Holographic Memories is one of my signature workshops. I’ve been teaching this workshop for over 10 years with fantastic results. People are amazed by the finished, mounted piece as it creates an almost 3-D image with just 2 printed photographs.
filming back in 2007 with Quilting Arts
I provide almost everything, including your photo printed on silk organza and transfer paper.
            Join me to create a special photo of your loved one, home or special place in this simple yet difficult looking project!
student's work won a ribbon! Congrats Tracy!
            Conversely, Digital Explorations is on of my newest workshops. It’s a condensed version of my book in 3 days! We’ll explore printing on paper, fabric and some pretty usual surfaces. You will need a printer and a way to use it, such as your computer, but then you won’t need to bring a sewing machine unless you want to. This enables you to print at your own speed but you could share with a friend.
            I’ll introduce you to digital grounds and wet your muse with ideas you can spin off of. The focus is on experimentation and, well, exploring the surfaces!
and so much more!! Woo-who!
More workshop venues on my blog-

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