Friday, April 28, 2017

Let me tell you about my workshops! Digital Fiber Mini Quilt

Digital Fiber Mini Quilt- a great choice!  Basically, the workshop is a smaller version of my Segmented Fiber Quilts workshop. The workshop explores an innovative quilt presentation that folds! WS is based on Wen’s book, Digital Fiber, creating a segmented mini-fabric quilt with a photograph on inkjet ready fiber and inkjet printed!

            In this one-day workshop participants can choose to use one of Wen’s 12x12 photographs printed on digitally prepared fabric to create their quilt. 
They could also choose to use a personal photograph. That photograph file/jpeg would need to be sent to Wen her one month before class. Sized at least 12x12 inches or bigger, in square format, at 180-300 resolution, labeled with your name. Send to with Digital Fiber Mini-Quilt in the subject line.              
            The digital quilt will feature a new edge treatment that uses paint! Because the quilt is in segments, using the old-fashioned binding method just won’t work. It’s much too bulky. Her painted edges yield a wonderful new textural accent to the finished segmented piece. You’ll learn how to apply a protective coating, medium enhancements or washes to the top of the quilt that will enhance the colors and protect it too.
            The unique segmented quilt lends itself to various configurations and presentations. Too much creative fun!!
             We will discuss how Wen prints on fabric, photographic enhancements and dividing a photo to create larger work. This is needed if your printer doesn’t print as large or as wide as you want your finished work to be. The resulting new photograph will be printed on the collage you created! So cool!
     Wen will show you her innovative batting technique- fusing felt to the back which serves as both backing and batting! 
Besides learning about Wen’s protective coating and finishing techniques, the students will have the opportunity to try specialty medium enhancements for a unique mixed media mini quilt!
Hope you’ll join us!
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