Saturday, June 3, 2017

Let me tell you about my workshops- Digital Explorations

Digital Explorations is on of my newest workshops. It’s a condensed version of my book in 3 or 5 days! 
We’ll explore printing on paper, fabric and create some pretty unusual surfaces and mediums. We explore way to creating simple collages to use as layers to apps and photoshop for your own individual results. Later we'll print on the collages too! Never print on simple glossy paper again!

and so much more!! Woo-who!

You will need a printer and a way to use it, such as your computer, but then you won’t need to bring a sewing machine unless you want to. This enables you to print at your own speed but you could share with a friend. 
            I’ll introduce you to digital grounds and wet your muse with ideas you can spin off of. How to protect and finish your samples will be covered. Later you can add these to projects or create new works using these techniques on your own.
The focus is on experimentation and, well, exploring the surfaces!
More workshop selections-

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Regina B Dunn said...

Hi Wren, in response to your question to SAQA about blogs... I still read (and write) blogs. I don't sign up for them, but get them on Feedly. Therefore, the owner wouldn't know that I'm a follower of their blog. I don't sign up because I don't want my email cluttered with them. I prefer to read them at my convenience. But I love reading the blogs that I "follow" and I make comments to them occasionally. So keep up your blog. I, and I'm sure others, look forward to reading it and seeing the photos. I hope to take a workshop in the future, but have my hands full right now with a three-year program I'm doing with Jane Dunnewold. Best Regards to you.

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