Thursday, March 12, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 3 Back to the Backings

One more week and I'm off to Paradise City Craft Show! March 20-22. 
pictured above- Inner Heart.
Left- piles of collage work.

 Scarves are pressed, rolled, and packed, now to finish up some pieces. I have the traditional flat rollable work, but some work is mounted onto stretcher bars. I apply a painted stabilizer back, as shown here, for a professional finish. I usually paint my hand and press onto the backs of pieces, as a sort of logo. Add a printed clear label and done. All of this requires allot of computer time to make the labels and catalog inventory.
 I have alot of collages now as a result of making some for Fiberart for a Cause. I mount these in mats and place in clear bags with labels.  These are displayed in bins. I usually have sample in a frame so customers can see how it could look.


Anonymous said...

i like the shot of the "back side" of your pieces all lined up with your hand print! nice idea!

Unknown said...

After you put the stabilizer on the back of the stretched art how do you hang them. Especially when you want to enter them in a show and you can't use saw tooth hangers?? Thanks, and your work is beautiful

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