Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crafts Show or Bust! part 5 There and Back

Finished and back. This is an athletic event.  Check with your Doctor before attempting!
It was a great show though and I like meeting people and  talk about my art! 
I am lucky enough to have a freight elevator in my building  to take all of the exhibit equipment up and down the stairs to the truck. We also have carts, which helps allot. Each time I do a show I learn something. This time, I discovered labeling the legs of the booth helps with a quicker and more efficient set up. This is important for me because my booth is second hand and has right and wrong sides. And we all want to present our best side!

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Jamie Fingal said...

Wow - Wen - what a beautiful space you have created for your work. I am so impressed. And the fact that you can build something that looks so great when put together - very professional. Best of luck at the next show! You will be a success for sure.

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