Saturday, October 4, 2014

Workshop series- Holographic Memories

Holographic Memories or Holographic Images Workshop evolved when the computer, digital camera and printing were available in the early 2000's.  I have loved photography since I was in my 20's and now I could use it in my art! 
I print on a variety of fabrics and substrates and have a workshop dedicated to that called Digging into Digital Printing. An exciting workshop too.
This workshop evolved from printing on transparent materials, specifically  silk organza.
Fog Rising- 3 photo placement 
I began layering it on my media media work, when I noticed it created a shadow image as I lifted the printed silk from the carrier paper. 
Fog Rising detail sideways to show effect 
I set to figuring out how to present this in a fiber construction that makes a 3-D image when viewed. 
The Holographic technique was born!
I published this in Quilting Arts Magazine, 2007 and was invited to do a Quilting Arts TV show, the second TV series.
It is available as a download from Interweave. (Link on the right sidebar.)

Now I share this technique in workshops. I have several coming up including a Cruise this winter. (Please click on the tab at the top of this blog on Scheduled Workshops for more information.)

Create your own holographic image with this inventive digital fiber technique!

Using your imagination and digital photographs, capture your loved ones or favorite subjects with an innovative 3-D effect. 

Each student will mount and finish an 8 x10 piece. Some pre-workshop image preparation.

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