Saturday, October 25, 2014

Infused with Delight

Infused with Delight is a journaling result from my latest Stalking the Wild Print Workshop.
(see workshop tab at top of blog for description)
It's an organic, fun and absolutely simple print making technique!
finish, folded

left threads, added silk organza prints
center fold out
love tearing the edges of the pages for undulating side view
outlined some prints with marker and thread
I like the way the stitched outlines show on reverse
added words with simple iron on image transfer
some pages received extra paint to highlife the leaf prints
love the way this journal presents texture in touch, feel and sight
the limited colors tie the book together. This page has a bit of the plastic sheet I work on sewn in.
some of the prints were made with fabric, which are raw edged, and sewn in
don't know why I love doing these so much but I'm 'infused with delight!'


Regina B Dunn said...

Love the textures and colors.

Karen Stiehl Osborn said...

This book is absolutely amazing! I love the colors, the textures, and of course I love the leaf prints. Well done!

Bev said...

I'm fascinated by the whole process of creating a book with so many fiber components


Rasa said...

Just loved it. would love to do one of your workshops but you are so far away.

Charlotte Scott said...

Hi Wen, I read your SAQA group email and thought I'd add my comments here. I've only been following your blog for a little while, and I don't know if I've ever commented before.
I read blogs through bloglovin'. Sometimes it lets me comment, sometimes I have to actually go to the blog, which takes time and effort and if I didn't have something really important to say, I won't bother. And I sometimes feel a little shy of commenting to 'famous' people, like 'what have I got to say that they'd want to hear'!!

I have noticed a drop off in comments on my blog since blog readers have become the norm. However, I can see from my stats that more people than ever read and visit my blog.

I think having a blog can also be important for other reasons. In terms of professional presence, a blog is a bit more permanent compared to instagram or twitter. People who are interested in you and your work and galleries, magazines etc, can get a much broader sense when they have a blog to visit. I guess a website can work the same way, but I think people like to get a sense of the person, and a blog is a better way of doing that if you include writing and thoughts etc.

When I'm thinking about taking classes with someone, I often visit their blog (if they have one) to see their work, their process, and get a sense of whether I'll like their personality - important if we're going to spend 3 or 4 days together!

I personally find Facebook too 'noisy' so mainly use it for private communications with family and friends. I don't do instagram because I don't have a smartphone (so old fashioned), but I do twitter. Twitter I use as more of a message function and a way to share interesting tidbits. My blog is my personal space where I can share and muse to my heart's content!

So no, I don't think blogging is dead, I just think perhaps people are using it in a different way.

Wen said...

all excellent points! I find it interesting point that folks are using blogs differently.
I've never used bloglovin'
I'll check it out.

A.Sproule said...

You remain one of my all-time favorite artists for your originality and unbelievable talent. Love, love, love the book!

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