Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do I want out of a workshop?

What touches me about teaching is
The power slowly stirring the spirits of the
The class unites for a brief day or more, sharing
Sharing inspiration,
Sharing food, candy, lunch.
A little at a time, I hear their story.
How they perceive, what they 'do',
If they've written, if they are unsure
In their artists shoes.
Soul stories. Smiles.
Their stories move me. Make me cry, cheer,
Laugh and even sing.
I have been a part of them now and they
A part of each other.
What do I want out of a workshop?
To leave changed.
I have!


Gerrie said...

Lovely!! And, I agree.

Unknown said...

Wen, I would LOVE to take a workshop with you. I LOVE your fiber work. I'm in Raleigh, and I'm a poor Masters student at the NCSU fibers program.... but I may show up in one of your workshops one day!

Jann Gougeon said...

It's wonderful to engage with other creative souls!

Jules Rushing said...

Wonderful! As a beginning teacher, I feel encouraged!
Thank you for sharing!

Jeannie said...

Beautifully said.

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