Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fiber Revolution's NEW Exhibit! Morristown Museum, NJ

This will be the my first exhibit with Fiber Revolution. I am proud to be included. My work Flown will be shown for the second time. It was exhibited in Feb, at my solo show, Dancing with the Light in Portsmouth, NH. More information HERE.

Dig-it-al!!  Digital Fiber Constructions
       I enjoy photography and the creative processes now afforded by contemporary 
Digital technology. My fascination with photography is finding expression by printing  
 manipulated original photographs directly onto various 
substrates, and specially treated natural fibers. Images are printed with an Epson 
printer to create unique photographic stitched textural constructions. I call this 
work, Digital Fiber. 
My new work continues the creative process in Photoshop by changing 
the actual image, layering and digitally fusing with photographs of my painted 
cloth. When I finish composing an image. I decide on presentation, 
such as a whole cloth photo-art quilt, or divided into multiple images as for my latest 
work or collaged into mixed media art. 
I print the completed photos onto heavy canvas. I either size the work in 
Photoshop and print or I print cutting the resulting photo into sections. These 
are mounted onto heavy stabilizer, felt, or interfacing. Stitched or quilted, leaving the 
edges remain unbound. I seal the edges with gel medium to secure the loose 
threads and finish with a touch of accent paint on the edges. I finish the top with a 
protective UV medium. 
Only after all of this is dried, do I assemble the work using a simple bookbinding method, 
using artist dyed pearl cotton or wax linen threads. 

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