Monday, June 20, 2011

Surface Design Association's Confluence Conference Highlights

Jason Pollen, the SDA guru and inspirational leader for so many years, stepped down from his leadership role this past year. His exhibit at the Confluence conference was another play on combining diverse materials with textiles.
This year, due to health issues, he had time to ponder a nearby fence. He thought his usual mantra- "What IF- I used wood with my textiles"? So he did! The result was the exhibit, Sentinels, opening this past weekend.
A row of wooden and textile objects line up, side by side, on one side of the wall. To stand guard?
 I got the feeling they were watchers. Looking at us while we gazed first at the cleverness, unity of color and design and the absolute creativity of Jason. Watching as we looked closer and closer to see how the designs were executed. The innovative use of materials. Even discussion on what they were actually made of.
Jason was on hand to describe his inspirations and materials.
The well deserved responses of 'ohh' and 'ahh' were heard among the explanations and musings of the
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Jeannie said...

Your words compliment India's garments beautifully. I have yet to see her art in person, but I am so intriqued by her process. She takes us back to a time of wonder through her art. Thank you so much for sharing your experience at SDA.

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