Thursday, June 23, 2011

SDA Member Show- Merge and Flow

 Merge and Flow . 
Exhibition Dates June 9–30, 2011 
Opening .reception: .June 9, 5–7 pm 
The nearly 4,000 SDA members worldwide were invited to submit  a work measuring .12” .x .28” .in either vertical or horizontal orientation . 

Katherine E. Nash Gallery, .Regis .Center .for .Art, .University .of .Minnesota . . 
405–21st .Ave . .So ., .Minneapolis, .MN .55455 .• .612 .624 .6518 
Tiny Video of Regina's piece with twinkling lights.

1 comment:

Linda A. Miller said...

Wen - Thanks for posting photos...happy to what others entered for the members exhibit since I am unable to attend. Amazing!

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