I am retired but could be lured out of my studio virtually!

My current topic at the moment is my powerpoint called "Digital Explorations". This covers some of my work and techniques included in my book-

I am available for zoom lectures and perhaps, upcoming, workshops. In progress...

          Join Wen Redmond, internationally recognized mixed media and fiber artist, for a stimulating workshop.  New Hampshire-based artist Wen Redmond‘s unusual use of fiber combines painting and digital media. She is a mixed media artist whose work embraces several media including digital processes, surface design, and collage. Wen delights in creating dialogue, changing your perspectives on and perceptions of fiber. She works intuitively, encouraging ‘flow’, experimentation, and the inner muse in her workshop participants.     
           Her new book Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media is now available! Check Amazon or her studio blog for personally autographed copies. here
  Selection of Workshops
Taking a workshop is like opening a door...
you walk through and where you go from there largely depends on where you take the process...

Make it personal, we all have our own voice and this affects our art making. 

Holographic Memories  
Fog Rising
Create your own holographic image with this innovative digital fiber technique.
Using your imagination and digital photographs, capture your loved ones or favorite subjects in this 3-D effect. Each student will mount and finish a 12x14 piece.
Send her 2 photograph files one month before class. Send to with Holographic Image in the subject line. Wen will select the best one for this technique and print.
Similar to Redmond’s article in Quilting Arts Magazine May/Je 2007
1 day    
Add FAB Fabric Painting to extend workshop for 2 days!
Available as a Video Workshop on Interweave. (see side bar) More about this workshop- HERE
Video Introduction HERE
some student works- here

Digital Explorations in Fiber and Mixed Media
fiber and mixed media digital collage
             Expand your vision of a digital print! Participants will be introduced to inkjet printing on fiber and mixed media substrates. The focus is on experimentation and construction of substrates! The types of substrates that can be created are nearly limitless. Explore the possibilities! Based on Wen's book- with CT Publishing- ‘Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media Masterpieces’. Fun! 

        General knowledge of Photoshop or a similar editing program is advantageous but not necessary.  This is not covered in this workshop and simple images are just fine!
       A printer is required as it will enable you to print at your own pace. You could share with a couple people. (If sharing printers, bring your photos on USB stick to plug in their computer.)      
3-5 days 

More about this workshop HERE
Printer Suggestions 8/25/2017 (subject to change)  HERE
question regarding medium amounts- bring 16oz jar of gel medium and at least 8 oz of liquid gloss medium- 
my favorites products are on this page- here

Digital Collage!

Create a paper and fabric collage to print on! Based on Wen's book- ‘Digital Fiber Art and Mixed Media Masterpieces’. We’ll print the collage in the workshop using our own photographs! Wen includes a demonstration on her new innovative sneaky layering technique so you can easily create unique layered photos!  inkAid digital grounds will be introduced! Students provide printer. Share!  Hope you’ll join us! 
1 day
Printer Suggestions 8/25/2017 (subject to change) HERE    

                                                                                              Mix iT Up! Serendipity CoLLage!
            MiXed MeDia CoLLage embraces the unknown and unexpected. This workshop encourages the use of free recycled materials and supplies you already have. Focus will be on spontaneous creativity and freedom of expression while designing green art.
            Learn an amazing serendipity collage technique that creates several collages at once, while experimenting with mediums. Focus can be fiber or paper but is a great introduction to mixed media! Come away inspired!
Published in Cloth, Paper Scissors 2011.

2-5 days 
4-5 day ( best) workshop includes creating stash for collage composition with a variety of fabrics and papers, explore a number of ways to make unique collage foundations, investigate layering techniques, print, texture and distress surfaces.

More about this workshop-- HERE
and HERE

$725.00 per day for full-day workshops. $475.00 per half-day workshops.
Workshops should have no more than 20 participants. There will be a $20 charge for each participant over the limit.
60-90 minute lectures- $400.00 or $350.00 in conjunction with workshops
Please note-
Many workshops can be combined for longer runs.
Required equipment, facility requirements
, and student materials list will vary according to the workshop but generally, access to water for clean up.
Kit Fees ranges from $20- $40

journey's edge the art of wen redmond
Evolution of my work and inspiration 
Breaking the Surface- Digital Explorations
Add a new toolbox to your art making with your own photographs!
Learn about digital printing on fabric, specialty papers and unusual surfaces. Wen will share some of her work and speak to her book, published with CT Publishing"Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos and Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece" 

Transportation and Lodging
            The sponsoring group is responsible for the cost of all transportation, lodging and meals during the teaching engagement, including ground or round-trip airfare to the teaching location. Arrangements will be made by the guild/conference to meet Wen at airport. If I drive to your location, the cost is $.55 per mile or current IRS mileage allowance plus tolls.  
            I require three meals per day, including dinner the night before I teach and breakfast the day of departure. I prefer housing in a clean, comfortable hotel.  I prefer not to stay in private home. If I have to stay in a private home, I would need a separate bedroom and bathroom and privacy to regenerate after teaching. I have discovered as I devote myself fully to the workshop or lecture, I need to have a definitive schedule; Dinner over by 7:30, and the rest of the evening on my own. I schedule this way to be at my best for your organization.

Cancellation Policy Cancellation by the host or me must be made no less than 30 days prior to the event. If notification by host is less than 30 days, ½ fees, and any non-refundable expenses incurred by me must be paid to me or the host will need to reschedule the event at the convenience of all parties. If, by some unforeseen circumstances, I cannot meet the obligations, and it is within the 30-day period, I will reschedule the event at the convenience of all parties.

The Supply List will inform as to what general supplies for each workshop are required and if there is supplemental equipment necessary. Some workshops require specialized kits supplied by me.
I expect that the host/group will take all means in their power to obtain both an appropriate site for the events and enroll students for the workshops.
PO Box 537, Strafford, NH 03884  

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