Monday, September 7, 2009

Breaking Free

Breaking Free

‘The Day is yours.” My husband quips.

I am unburdened at the moment from worrying thoughts, loved one’s dilemma’s, even my usual mad dog push, push, push.

“Relax, I say. “ How is it I feel like I’m sitting upon a rockin

g lid under which boils my tempestuous creative drive.

Sometimes I feel like a spinning top with an arm extending out every so often to tweak an art piece, paint fabric, create a digital collage, and come up with yet another way to display fiber art to a curious public.

Ideas whirl though my head.

“Focus.” Says one of my mentors, “Only this moooment”.

“This Moment- and this and this!” I respond!

This day, a bubble in the weeks of planned activities. This day, a day of my own, without focus, direction, or plans. A chasm to be filled at my discretion. What joy!

I walk though my studio gathering items intuitively. My art jour

nal, a pile of snipped out images of art and other stuff from magazines I buy to expose my yearning for beauty. My glue stick and pen.

These journals mirror to me what I like, what inspires me, provide a directional compass.

Outside into the glorious sun coolly lit in the first hints of Autumn. I sit and begin to turn pages. I see notes from years past, re-pasted in each new journal. Journals handmade, sewn with curses and love. I just turn the rich pages- absorbing, reminding, revisiting.

 And the magic happens. 


Unknown said...

"And the magic happens."

All you can really do is let it or it will eat you up from the inside out. Even when you give in and do what your muse tells you, it can still eat you up. What a way to go. :D

Sarah E. said...

And what glorious magic it is!!! I particularly enjoy your spinning top analogy -- scarily a propos! Thank you, Wen, for all you share.

Anonymous said...

I love this poem! It is one of my favorite of your pieces...

So rhythmic and vivid-- I can see you rushing to and fro in your studio;
grabbing a brush, swishing organza... jotting "wenscript" here, spritzing a bit of metallic glint there...

Keep in the many, many moooooments! Try to catch each one! :)

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