Monday, September 21, 2009

Can't Resist?- Freezer Paper

An eazy peazy resist technique using freezer paper. Cut your freezer paper into any shape or design you want. A design hint-  Use both the positive and the negative cut out to create an easy but interesting motif.  Iron the freezer paper onto the surface of your item. 
Tape or pin your fabric, t-shirt or whatever to a printing surface. I use a table covered in a firm batting, and cloth. Then I cover that with plastic. Using a natural sponge, dab paint around the freezer paper as desired. (You could use a form brush too.) Do not saturate or it will steep under the freezer paper. Use acrylic paint or textile paint 0r they both work fine. (Another hint- if your t-shirt is light colored, slip another cloth in between front and back to catch any excess paper that might leak though. The cloth can be the start of your next project.)
Allow the paint to dry, and peel the freezer paper off.  Done! 
The paper is reusable for several more processes. You can rotate the pattern and do it again. Outline in another color using a fine tipped bottle. What ever you can think of.  Enjoy!
I usually passive set mine, allowing it to dry a couple days before washing. Textile paints will need an additional heat setting with a hot iron.
Photographs courtesy of Theresa Redmond


Norma Schlager said...

That looks like a lot of fun with great results.

Artistic Artifacts said...

This is wonderful! And easy! my favorite word next to free!

Alison Schwabe said...

I have often used this very lo-tech means of stencilling, as it really is - I guess I assumed everyone would know about it. But wait - there's more! You can also use, multiple times, that vinyl sheeting that some people line drawers and cover books with - comes in clear, plain colours and prints - makes outstanding resists, too - save the paper you take it off, and store the vinyl on it between uses

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