Thursday, January 4, 2018

Printing on Shiny Surfaces

Ct Publishing invited me to do a short video highlighting one of the techniques in my book- Digital Fiber Art: Combine Photos and Fabric - Create Your Own Mixed-Media Masterpiece. (see side bar)
big camera pointing at me- nervous??
I choose to focus on shiny substrates that you can add or use in media mixed work.
Photographs just gleam when printed on these!
video link is   Just click!
In order to print on these surface you need to use a digital ground. This prepares the surface to allow the inkjet ink to 'stick' and become permanent and clear.
showing my book
I use Clear InkAid type ll for this- link here


Marianne said...

Superbe video, l'image est toujours plus parlante que le texte et j'aime vraiment votre livre

Wen said...

thank you Marianne-
for those who can't translate she's says
"the picture is always more talking than the text and I really like your book"

Unknown said...

I often travel to many places and had several times the need to print vivid photos that captures lifetime experiences. On coincidence I just came across your Printing on Shiny Surfaces blog and did go through it entirely for the sake of Digital Printing on Glossy printer media. I now understand the real purpose for glossy print sheets that absorbs ink and permanently sticks it. And another interesting fact is that they are long lasting in nature.

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