Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Stalking the Wild Prints Meets Green Mixed Media Journal

My last workshop was a combo of Stalking the Wild Prints and Green Mixed Media Journal. 
A lovely combination!
Front Cover 
First we will build an up-cycled journal to use for our printing samples.
pages made from recycled cards & junk mail
gesso, paint & texture!
Besides being easy and lots of fun to make, the materials are free and don’t add to the landfills. The journal can be made as simply or as artfully as your muse suggests.
nature prints on all kinds of substrates 
Gather found natural items to print like leaves, grass, and ferns- perfect to get outside!
sample prints glued in 
We'll experience a type of printmaking, very simple, easy and you won't want to stop! This technique is similar to a monotype, the incidental and the unintended become part of the image. 
 published in Cloth, Paper, Scissors 
simple notched journal complete

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