Thursday, October 7, 2010

Studio 2

            I am fortunate I have two studios. One was just featured in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine Fall issue. It's my ‘out of home’ studio located in an old mill. See other studios here AND here
I also work at my in home studio. They function differently. I use my converted master bedroom studio for office work, shipping, mounting work, quilting and computer storage and printing. The room has ¾ walls or knee walls, which presents a challenge.
I don’t have design wall as a result but use 3x4' sheets of foam installation that I have cut and foam boards of the same size. These rest in a pile against the wall and I just pull out the current work. The foam boards provide a unique transport system for traveling to my other studio during composition times. 
            A large table made from 2 large gorilla shelves, 36” high, are topped with a plywood tabletop, dominates the center of the room. I cover this with acrylic felt cotton duck and occasionally plastic. It’s a great base for most printing, surface design and ironing. When I need to have a cutting table I simply flip a large cutting mat on top!
            I store fabric and supplies underneath, very handy. On one side, I tuck my ironing board, ready to use and the other side has a large freestanding kitchen island found at a local thrift store.
               One other item I love about my studio is rocks. I collect large rocks when I go to the nearby beach. They are beautiful and I use them for weights when I need to press books or when I’m mounting work.


Judy Warner said...

Glad to have found your blog. Your second studio looks intriguing. I love those rocks. Just the pile of them is inspiring!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

How delightful to have 2 studios! I wish I could do a studio visit - all those views of your work make me want to see more of what you are doing!
Rocks - a fabulous studio tool!

Unknown said...

I love seeing glimpses into other people's studios - this is terrific! Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

Wen, I meant to write and tell you how psyched I was to open the latest Studios and find your amazing work space inside. Congrats on that, very cool. To say I'm jealous of your workspaces would be a grave understatement! ;)

I LOVE your idea of using the heavy black clips to clip fabric to foamcore. I've struggled with ideas for a design wall for a year, now, and still don't have one because I haven't been able to make up my mind about materials. I think this idea is going to go a long way towards solving my dilemma.

Thank you!

Sandy said...

I agree with Judy, the pile of beach rocks is very inspiring. How blessed you are to have tow such fantastic spaces to create in. Thank you for sharing your creative havens.

Sonya McCllough Lockridge said...

I luv the thought of you two studios, thanks for sharing how to dream bigger ... such inspiration!

Anonymous said...

How awesome to have two spaces to work in! I too work in an attic type space with short walls. I added curtain rods the length of the wall with curtain clips on rings to hang things from which works pretty well. Thanks for sharing your creative space!

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