Sunday, May 3, 2009

Googling Your Name

Ah, Whatz in a name! 
Last night I was trying to find something about a exhibit and couldn't remember, 
(CMS- Crumbling Mind Syndrome), 
AND so I googled my name. WOW I am on and out 22 pages longs. I found things I didn't know about much less remember. I found my piece done for President Obama's special inauguration exhibit at Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation Arts CenterSilver Spring, Maryland,on Quilt Visions Newsletter! 
Try it sometime. It was verrry Interesting!

1 comment:

Kim Hambric said...

It's great that you found yourself on that Newsletter. I google myself every couple of months. I have discovered some teachers using my work as an example in their class. I wish they would have contacted me about that. I am also a male golfer and I have paperwork filed for a patent. There are obviously other Kim Hambrics out there!

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