Making my art allows me to tap into levels of myself, becoming more aware, more conscious, & more grateful.
I’ve loved photography my entire life. This brings a tender sensitivity to one’s surroundings.
An eye.
Sometimes, I look with intention, focusing on everything with the possibility of creating a composition. And sometimes it just happens. A quick glance becomes the image for a future work.
These moments are my well, my source.
I hope to bring that energy into my art making, to communicate the positive.
When I work, I allow and encourage a collaborative process with spirit or that mind-boggling principle of the universe. Creation gives me ideas. My passion is to put them into art.
My art are my prayers.

 Digital Fiber!

My fascination with photography is finding expression by printing directly onto various substrates, creating a variety of stitched textural compositions. I call this work Digital Fiber. I combine photographs, collage digitally, layer to create unique images. These are printed on constructed substrates, molding paste, collage or natural fibers. Each work is individual and a communication between my inner imagination and later, the viewer.

I've created several signature Digital Fiber Techniques- Holographic Images, Textured Photographs and Serendipity Collage Technique. Two DVD workshops are available at Interweave Publishing.
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I am passionate about my work. I continue to explore my chosen medium, fabric, to see what it can do, to stretch its perception as art medium.
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