Saturday, March 31, 2018

Let me Tell You About My Workshops- Textured Fiber Photograph

Printing a photograph on a textured background lends an unusual dimension to your finished images. 
Lightweight molding paste is a thick medium that you spread on a base and add texture to create a painterly aspect to your fiber photographs.  

You may simulate brush strokes or texture it with stamps, sticks, just about anything. Any photograph will work with this amazing technique!
Think about how oil paintings look with their textured stokes.
You may want allot of texture for a photograph of an old wall or landscape or you may want just a touch of texture to add interest to the background of a portrait. 
This medium will need a coat of  Digital Grounds for the best result. I use inkAid.

It is thin enough to be sewn and can be ironed gently using a wool setting. We'll learn how to protect the finish photograph too! 
  Enjoy this creative tool in your digital palette!
Video Intro- HERE

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