Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Discontinuing Email Newsletters

I just set up a 'follow by email' link on my blog- upper right-  love to know if it works- please try it out! 

I will not be sending out newsletters anymore- but of course my FB page usually has good tid-bits too! 
see links below for more..

Workshop links, on top tabs, but will be cutting back on teaching. 

Eventually I may do online teaching or even small in studio workshops.
what cha think?

Making the Imagination Real
Contemporary Art in Fiber
or Autographed Copieshttp://tiny.cc/fieohy
Newsletter Sign Up
WEBSITE http://wenredmond.com
- http://tiny.cc/3xomhy 
Etsy UpLIFTmeNTs Shop- http://tiny.cc/zdeohy
Fine Art America- http://tiny.cc/ebeohy
Instagram- http://tiny.cc/8feohy
Professional Member of SAQA- http://tiny.cc/55ktey
U Tube Channelhttp://tiny.cc/j6ktey

1 comment:

Robbie said...

Email worked...look forward to studying your site more!! Thanks. I have your book and LOVE it!!

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