Monday, May 9, 2011

Touch the Earth

 My Piece Touch the Earth has been accepted into Watershed, a surface design fiber art exhibition by Textile Center Members. Textile Center is located in Minneapolis, MN.
Touch the Earth
Statement - I interpreted the Watershed Moment based in the way I construct my art. I am a process person and enjoy not only doing the work; but attaining that flow of unconscious response to mark making. I love learning new ways of expressing.
            Touch the Earth is an example of my new collage method, offered as a workshop, called  Serendipitous Collage!  
Recently published in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine this past winter, I combine paper, fabric and all sorts of items to create a unique  one of a kind collages. It is a green way of working!  Revelation!


Judy Warner said...

Congrats, Wen

Jann Gougeon said...


layers said...

Congrats on getting a wonderful collage accepted into a show-- I love the earthy feel.

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